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Lawsuit States Border Patrol Strip Searched And Probed Woman Without Warrant

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border patrolSearch tactics employed by Border Patrol agents and medical professionals in New Mexico amounted to “sexual assault” and “molestation,” media sites and civil liberties groups are alleging.

InfoWars, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and an Albuquerque TV station say at least three women have come forward with some disturbing allegations against US Customs and Border Protection [1].

“It’s terrifying,” ACLU attorney Laura Schauer Ives said of the incidents. Ives is preparing a lawsuit on behalf of one of the women. None of the women were identified.

If their claims are true, the Border Patrol [2] is systematically violating the rights of citizens crossing the US-Mexico border [3]. Worse, recent incidents reveal a disturbing new trend in New Mexico: Law enforcement is systematically using medical professionals to search individuals and violate their rights.

Terrifying allegations

Some of the terrifying allegations against the Border Patrol include:

The hospital staff members were not law enforcement agents and had no legal right to conduct the search, the ACLU says.

John Eidsmoe rights the faulty historical record and brings us back to the roots that made America great . . . [4]

The Border Patrol has refused to comment about Ives’ allegations.

“I think law enforcement has been emboldened, particularly when it comes to drug addiction,” Ives said. “It’s kind of anything goes. You couple that with drug interdiction at the border and you have a recipe for serious civil liberties violations.”

Not the only incident

The border patrol isn’t the only law enforcement agency in New Mexico accused of using such tactics. As reported by Off The Grid News, a man named David Eckert claims he was subjected to similar abuse after a routine traffic stop [5] in Deming, New Mexico, on January 2, 2013. Like the unidentified woman in El Paso, Eckert alleges that medical professionals systematically violated his rights in a search for drugs.

Eckert’s allegations [6] against the Deming Police and the Gila Regional Medical Center include:

“This is like something out of a science fiction film,” Kennedy said, “anal probing by government officials and public employees.”

Eckert is now suing three police officers, three sheriff’s deputies, three doctors, the city of Deming, the Hidalgo County District Attorney, the Gila Regional Medical Center and Border Patrol.

If these allegations are true, they represent a serious breach of medical ethics as well as civil liberties. Turning doctors and nurses into agents of the police undermines trust in the medical profession and violates doctor-patient privilege.