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Nationwide Blackout ‘Not A Question Of If, But When,’ Expert Tells Congress

Nationwide Blackout ‘Not A Question Of If, But When,’ Expert Tells Congress [1]

Image source: NOAA

A catastrophic failure of America’s electrical power grid because of a solar flare, sabotage or cyberattack is highly likely, experts told House members this month.

Two subcommittees of the House’s Committee on Science, Space and Technology heard testimony that confirmed many of our worst fears about the grid’s weaknesses.

Massive solar storms [2] could cause widespread power blackouts, disable most electrical devices and result in $2 trillion in losses to the nation’s economy, Daniel Baker, a professor of planetary and space physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, told the subcommittees.

“The occurrence of severe space weather impacting our nation’s infrastructure is not a question of if, but when,” Baker said, according to USA Today.

US Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) said the situation is dire.

“Our electrical system is under constant stress from severe weather, malicious acts, and age,” Grayson said. “The stress on the system is constantly increasing as we dramatically change how we want to use the grid now, versus what it was designed to do, when it was built.”

The electrical grid was simply not designed to withstand the threats it faces today, including from terrorism and cyberattacks, Grayson [3] and others said. Many of the components are increasingly old, obsolete, worn out and overworked.

“We as a society are increasingly dependent on the services electricity provides, and the electric grid has quietly become the basis of our modern lives,” Grayson said, according to the newspaper.

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Some of the more disturbing revelations from the committee hearing included:

The grid was not designed to withstand physical or cyberattacks, which makes it far more vulnerable to sabotage, Nadya Bartol, the vice president of industry affairs and cybersecurity strategist for the Utilities Telecom Council, admitted to the subcommittees.

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“The grid is based on layers that accumulated over time,” Bartol said. “The legacy infrastructure was not designed to be secured because security was not a concern when that infrastructure was implemented.”

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