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Obama Ex-Bodyguard Says Scandals ‘Worse Than People Know’

Dan BonginoA former Secret Service agent claims he witnessed a pattern of corruption, arrogance and abuse of power while working as President Obama’s bodyguard. Now retired and running for the House of Representatives in the Sixth District of Maryland as a Republican, Dan Bongino [1] is making some very disturbing allegations about the Obama administration.

“The president sees government – and I think it’s because of his lack of experience and maybe community organizing in the past – as this shiny new toy,” Bongino told Glenn Beck.

He said of the recent scandals, “It’s to the point where these scandals in and of themselves would be huge back-breaking scandals [but] are just lost in the scandal fog of this administration… It’s worse than people know… and I’m not trying to scare you either.”

Bongino has made a number of disturbing charges against Obama in media interviews and in a recent book, Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All. [2] Bongino claims he was so disgusted by what he saw inside the Obama White House he quit his job and went public with his charges.

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What the Secret Service agent saw

Although it should be noted that he doesn’t provide much evidence to back them up, a few of his allegations include:

“For all the disagreements I had with Clinton, Carter and Bush there were always limits there as that line you just didn’t cross,” Bongino said. “We cross it seemingly every day, we’re lost in the scandals.”

Bongino won the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat in Maryland last year but lost the general election to Democrat Ben Cardin. Bongino is planning to challenge Rep. John Delaney, a Democrat in next year’s election.

Similar to other charges

The interesting thing is that Bongino’s charges are very similar to those made by former Washington Post editor Leonard Downie Jr., who compared the atmosphere inside the Obama White House to the Nixon Administration. Downie alleged that Obama has waged a war on the press [7] similar to Nixon’s in a special report for the Committee to Protect Journalists, as Off The Grid News reported.

Veteran New York Times correspondent David E. Sanger went even farther, calling the Obama White House “the most closed, control freak administration, I’ve ever covered.”