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School Bans Kids From Touching Snow Because They Might Get Hurt

School Bans Kids From Touching Snow Because They Might Get Hurt

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Children at a British school are no longer allowed to touch snow in the name of safety.

“The rules are don’t touch the snow,” head teacher (principal) Ges Smith told the TV show Good Morning Britain. “If you don’t touch the snow you’re not going to throw it.”

Smith is afraid that kids who touch snow might start making snowballs and tossing them at each other, The Telegraph reported.

Smith, of Jo Richardson Community School in Dagenham, East London, became an object of scorn in the UK after the media learned about the ban.

“It only takes one student, one piece of grit, one stone in a snowball in an eye, with an injury and we change our view,” Smith said.

Smith is standing firm on the ban. He called the snow touching ban a “duty of care issue.”

Snow makes kids wet and “unfit for school,” Smith complained. He also claimed to be protecting the school from a lawsuit.

Even Piers Morgan thought Smith went too far with the ban. The outspoken host complained that Smith’s “duty of care” would leave kids “unprepared for life,” The Telegraph noted.

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  1. This type of “ban” is exactly why our young people don’t know how to function in society. In real life, kids throw snowballs. Period. Yes, it can be dangerous, but so can playing at the beach, or riding a skateboard. This guy has gone too far in his worry about lawsuits, which is basically what it all comes down to. Why not teach our children how to make a perfect snowball, without the rocks in it, and let them enjoy themselves. Ok, if it would make him feel better, give them safety goggles. Talk about over protecting!! At least you won’t be robbing them of a great childhood memory. This guy needs his head examined. Until the parents speak up, people like him will continue to ban everything from snowballs to going to the beach for fear they may get sunburned. Kids cannot live in a bubble, and then be expected to go into the world as our future generation.

  2. this is the most stupid thing i have ever herd of.

  3. Liability… plain and simple. Parents send their children to school to be educated. ‘Lil Johnny picks up a snow ball and fires it at Sweet Melissa. Melissa takes it off the side of her face and ends up with partial vision. Her parents are rightfully pissed, and since Johnny’s a minor, they can’t blame him. So… they sue the school for negligence, and the child is rewarded a large sum of money because her loss of vision was indirectly caused by lack of supervision on the part of the adults… teachers and administration. Had they been actively engaged in stopping Johnny in the first place, Melissa would still have her complete vision.

    As a school teacher in a litigious state, the teachers always get blamed. The children are… well children… and “Must be supervised.” Any perceived negligence will ALWAYS go the way of the children. After all, we send our children to school with the goal of them coming back smarter. Often, by no fault of anyone but the children, this just doesn’t happen. Kids can get hurt, and parents want… need someone to blame.

  4. I think this is a REALLY dumb idea. I believe with all of my soul that kids should be able to play with snow. Kids should have fun to express their love for weather. For all you know, this kid could have ice powers like Elsa from their favorite movie Frozen and they want to play with the snow to hide the idea they have powers they can’t control. I get that the school doesn’t want to get in trouble, but you can make a rule saying it won’t be the school’s fault…. I think you should consider changing this rule for the happiness of the kids of America.
    P.S. Although “Sweet” Melissa has partial vision, she would still get the money and she’ll love ‘Lil Johnny because he gave her the opportunity for money.

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