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Shocking Murders By ‘Bored’ Teens Give US Preview Of Doomsday Unrest

chris lane

image credit skynews.com.au

Preppers are concerned with a host of scenarios, but life-threatening civil unrest dangers exist with every doomsday theory.

Folks in rural and suburban areas may feel insulated from the violence which will quickly erupt on city streets after either a man-made or natural disaster, but that type of blissfully unaware living could get them killed in short order.

The increase in shootings and other types of violent crimes in American on any typical day are good indicators of the types of dangers Americans will face during a time of lawlessness and civil unrest. The youth involved in high-profile crimes which have recently made headlines show a total disregard for human life.

These extremely horrific murders are committed not with the goal of stealing, are not drug or alcohol induced, and are not in the heat of a domestic incident. They are for the sheer joy of killing or because the killers were merely “bored.” This illustrates how deadly our streets are in broad daylight now.

Imagine how much more dangerous your neighborhood will become after a man-made or natural disaster. Unless a solar flare or EMP attack makes vehicles inoperable, the marauding hordes of both panicked law-abiding citizens and evildoers will make their way to the suburbs and countryside. If cars no longer run, they will still come – just more slowly.

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Violent Crimes in America

As previously reported by Off The Grid News [5], a recent Pew Research Center study on the American family revealed some startling facts about the home atmosphere in which the last two generation of citizens have been raised. Incidents of child abuse, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, violent youth crime and poverty are on the rise. The societal breakdown and a general lack of morality became evident while reviewing the study’s findings. If a lack of empathy is truly becoming commonplace in the United States, the threat of civil unrest after a disaster is a very deadly proposal indeed.