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This Fracking Study Should Scare Livestock Farmers Senseless

dead cow frackingPopular fears about hydraulic fracking [1] might not be as far-fetched as critics have claimed.

A professor at Cornell [2] University has documented dozens of cases of animal deaths in several states that may have been caused by fracking.

Fracking may also be causing illnesses and reproductive problems in both human beings and animals, molecular medicine Professor Robert Oswald says. Oswald was so alarmed by what he found that he told a British newspaper that he thinks Great Britain [3] should limit fracking.

“Farmers living in intensively drilled areas should be very concerned about potential exposure of their crops and herds to shale gas contaminants in the water, air and soil,” Oswald told the British journal The Ecologist.

Oswald said that fracking [4] in Britain and Northern Ireland should be halted until its effects on farmland, livestock and food supplies are determined.

Study Provides Evidence of Fracking Danger

Oswald’s opposition to fracking [5] stems from a study of animal deaths in six states he and colleague Michelle Bamberger, a veterinarian, conducted. The study was published in New Solutions: a Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy.

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Some of the highlights of the study include:

Animals potentially affected by fracking include goats, llamas, chickens, dogs, fish and cats.

Oswald and Bamberger don’t know exactly how fracking affects animals. Oswald suspects that chemicals in the fracking fluid affect the animal, although he doesn’t know which ones do that.

“We are reporting short-term health changes, but no one knows what the long-term health changes may be,” Oswald told The Ecologist, “especially those caused by low doses of chemicals.”

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