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From Chaos To Calm: Getting Organized For Homeschooling

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One of the biggest challenges for a new homeschooling family is learning to live and work with each other, day in and day out. Rather than trying to imitate a school’s structure, I think it’s important for families to find a schedule and organizational structure that works for them. Some parents like to-do lists and detailed schedules; others prefer a more laid-back approach. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I like the Moore’s approach of breaking up the day into short periods of academic learning, followed by longer periods of manual work and service. I find this flexible formula a sensible approach to maintaining a balanced life.

Speaking of staying balanced—managing homes and meals is one of the challenges most homeschooling parents face. I know that an organized home is a happy one, yet getting there isn’t always easy. Over the years, I’ve learned tips on organization from many seasoned parents. Read on to learn a few of their secrets.

Home Organization

Having kids home all day, every day, means more fun, more memories, and more messes. I’ve learned to relax and accept some chaos as a part of family life, but my tolerance has its limits. Below are a few ideas for keeping the dust bunnies and laundry monsters at bay:

An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms [1]

Meal Planning

As a homeschooling parent, meals are likely a bigger part of your life than they would be if your children were schooled. No cold cereal and toast as you dash out the door to catch the bus; no hot lunches at school, either. As homeschoolers, you get to enjoy three square meals at home every day.

Trying to prepare meals, manage a household, and keep up with homeschooling can be taxing, but a few organizational strategies can help you make simple, memorable meals. Read on to learn a few cooking tips from veteran homeschoolers:

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