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Natural Remedies for Bug Bites and Stings

Insect bites are a nuisance that we have to deal with regularly. Sometimes they turn out to be much more. All bites, from ants to spiders, can cause serious reactions to our bodies. The bite is not what causes the issues; it is the venom that is left in the wound that causes adverse reactions. With early care you may be able to keep that nuisance from being today’s emergency room visit.

When stung or bitten by an insect, the area around the bite becomes inflamed and painful with itching or burning. If these symptoms are accompanied with shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, disorientation, or swelling of mouth and eyes, the victim is allergic to the insect venom. In these cases you should seek medical help immediately, as severe allergic reactions can result in death.

Luckily, most bug bites are not that serious. Hundreds of insects can sting or bite us, but God has given us a vast array of herbal treatments that can reduce itching and swelling and even some that are natural repellants.

Basic Care:

Home Remedies:

Bite Prevention:

Remember, before treating any bites or stings, always seek advice from a doctor or other health professional. Don’t let the bugs bite!


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