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Protect Your Skin Off The Grid

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Spring has sprung, bringing with it your desire to enjoy all things outside. Gardening, house projects, or simply going for a walk all beckon you to take pleasure in the sunlight and breaths of fresh air. It is easy to spend hours lost in that pleasure, particularly if you have been cooped up for months due to the cold weather of winter. But long hours in the sun can lead to sun exposure and skin damage. How do you enjoy being outside when you have to worry about the sun? Is there such a thing as a healthy amount of sunshine? Understanding the role the sun plays in your health and how to protect yourself will allow you enjoy your time outside and gain health benefits as well.

How Harmful Is The Sun

One of the most important things to remember is that sunshine is actually good for you. Yes, you must be cautious when it comes to how much you are in the sun, as well as leaving your skin unprotected; but, your body thrives on the nourishment it receives from the sun. Vitamin D, provided by the sun, seeps through your skin and offers your immune system a healthy boost. The risk of osteoporosis, certain cancers, and heart disease can all be lessened with vitamin D. Additionally, your mental and emotional health can be enhanced with sun exposure, as it protects against insomnia and depression.

However, a balance has to be struck between sun exposure and protection from the sun. The unfortunate reality is that too much sun can cause damage to the skin and to your health. Skin cancer, cataracts, and even early aging can be caused or aggravated by too much sun exposure. The general recommendation for unprotected exposure to the sun is ten to twenty minutes a day, although that varies slightly based upon the lightness or darkness of your skin.

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Protecting The Skin During Exposure

It is virtually impossible to enjoy the day or finish all of your spring tasks in that maximum recommended time frame though. Because of that, it is important to know what to protect and how to protect it so you do not damage your skin or your health.

Treating The Skin After The Sun

Unfortunately, even with the best efforts, there are times when you are in the sun too long and may suffer some damage. When that occurs, treating the skin as quickly as possible can protect against further damage.

Spring and summer lead to marvelous days outside with long hours in the sun. As you enjoy those moments, ensure you are doing everything possible to protect your skin and to find your balance of healthy sun exposure.