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The “Dos” And The “Don’ts” Of The Solar Energy Option

One of the things that attracts people to the off-the-grid lifestyle is the sense of accomplishment associated with learning how to live self-sufficiently and independently. This country was built by hardy and intrepid trailblazers who were not afraid to venture where few others had gone before, and when we leave the dependency fostered by modern society behind to strike out on our own, we are helping to rejuvenate the pioneer spirit that made America the greatest nation on earth.

When we speak of going off the grid in the larger context, we are using a metaphor that captures the true essence of a bold move into the unknown. But going off the grid literally is the central transformation we must be prepared to make if we expect the metaphor to retain the strength of its meaning, and this is why choosing an alternative form of power generation is one of the most important decisions that any aspiring prepper/homesteader will ever have to make.

Solar energy has already successfully secured a prominent place for itself in the off-the-grid movement [1], and its popularity is growing steadily among those who are looking for a highly efficient, low-maintenance method of independent energy generation. But that doesn’t change the fact that solar power systems are still a relatively unfamiliar technology to many homesteaders and survivalists, and to Americans in general. Consequently, people considering making the switch to solar often approach the topic with trepidation, worried that they might get in over their heads with a technology that they don’t entirely understand.

Fortunately, a wide variety of sources exist online that can answer just about any question a prospective owner of a solar power system could possibly think of asking. In keeping with this spirit of full disclosure and the open sharing of information, what we are about to reveal are some of the “dos” and “don’ts” of purchasing, installing, and using a solar photovoltaic electricity-producing system. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but if you are thinking about hopping on board the solar train ,what you will learn here could help you avoid some costly and possibly even catastrophic mistakes.

Amazing “Solar Generator” Is Like Having A Secret Power Plant Hidden In Your Home! [2]

The “Dos”

Solar Power is poised to grow rapidly in the near future as more pressure is placed on limited fossil fuel resources, do you know how to make the most of it? [5]

The “Don’ts”

Here Comes The Sun

The world of solar energy is filled with promise and possibility. Energy self-sufficiency can be yours if you choose to purchase and install a new solar power set-up, and as long as you play it smart and pay attention to the details, we can almost guarantee that you will never live to regret your decision to go solar.

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