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“Backing Up” Your Off-The-Grid Finances


History shows financial meltdowns surprise most people. Do you have an off-the-grid backup plan in place, just in case?

Our Financial System is Wobbling 

One of the most critical systems that almost all of us rely upon is among the most complex and unreliable – the financial system.

News reports indicate that the financial networks are far more prone to breakdowns and malfunctions that most of us believe. To make matters worse some of the big banks seem to be preparing for the total failure or the current financial system.

Some examples of the unreliability of financial technology include:

The world’s largest banks know financial technology is unreliable, so their backups to the present financial network use the block chain technology. The block chain is a highly encrypted network that is more far more secure than traditional internet connections.

Everyone and anyone that relies on the current financial system needs to ask what do the bankers know that we do not? Why are big banks spending so much money researching alternatives to present day monetary technology?

It sounds as if bankers and financiers are quietly building an off-the-grid backup system of their own… just in case. Don’t miss this.

“Backing Up” Your Own Financial Situation

Having several back-ups for your finances and technology is always a good idea. Here are a few suggestions:

The most important rule of financial survival is the most basic. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket. Having several backup systems for your finances might be the key to your family’s survival.