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FREE Ebook Explains Importance of Natural Fertilizer

squantos gardenThanksgiving is just around the corner, and I’ve been thinking about how we’re going to be bombarded with another round of revisionist history from those on the far left who hate our Christian, European cultural roots.

I’ve decided to fight back this year by writing a book revealing the little-known secrets of the First Thanksgiving Dinner. I’ve called the book “Squanto’s Garden” and it’s available for free at

I know, you probably already know that the pilgrims wouldn’t have made it without help from the Native Americans, but I bet you didn’t have any idea the true story behind Squanto and the pilgrims.

For example, much of the history that’s taught in government schools dwells on how the Europeans were ignorant barbarians and were saved by the technology and techniques of the Native Americans. The story often focuses on one Indian, a man we know as Squanto.

Squanto had welcomed the Pilgrims and helped them plant a garden, raise crops and otherwise adjust to a foreign environment. One of the best-known legends is how Squanto had shown the pilgrims how they could bury a dead fish in the soil to help fertilize the soil for maximum crop yield.

What the government schoolbooks won’t tell you is that Squanto almost certainly learned this technique during his time in Europe. You see, Squanto had been captured years earlier by Europeans and taken first to Britain, and later to the continent, as an indentured servant. During his time in Europe, he learned many things, including the technique of using a dead fish to help fertilize the soil.

Modern technology has confirmed the efficacy of these techniques; dead fish as fertilizer provides the soil with vital nutrients like calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and trace elements that are critical to human survival. This technique and many others that Squanto and the Indians shared with the pilgrims would have helped them survive that first winter and experience the enormous harvest the following year.

Like the pilgrims, we have a great deal to be thankful for, but just like our ancestors on the new continent, there are many threats to our own survival. Headlines around the world are warning of food shortages, skyrocketing commodities prices, soil quality degradation, even food riots in the USA!

These problems have not developed overnight. The population in much of the third world is exploding, and they are urbanizing areas that were once dedicated to the production of food. In other parts of the world, the middle class is growing and with their newfound affluence they are consuming more meat, which is great for their overall nutrition but also requires a great deal more corn and wheat than a basic diet of rice and beans.

Finally, the liberal elite have become so consumed with their Global Warming religion that they are diverting our most basic food resources, like corn and sugar, to produce alternative fuels, such as ethanol. This despite the evidence that it is Global Cooling, not Global Warming that is in our future.

The Bible warns us of a time when death, plagues and famine will become a way of life (Rev 18:8). While we are celebrating all we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day, take a few minutes to download my free book, “Squanto’s Garden”, and learn how the techniques our ancestors used to overcome adversity are just as relevant for God-fearing patriots in the 21st century.

God Bless you,

Bill Heid

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