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Freezing: Fruit Basics

Freezing our bountiful harvest is an easy way of preserving our produce; but the foods will not keep as long. In freezing the organisms that cause spoiling become inactive, but don’t die. As long as the produce remains frozen the bacteria can’t grow, but once it is thawed they will begin growing once again.

You should be aware of some changes in your fruits before you start freezing. Foods may become mushy when thawed because ice crystals cause damage in the cells of the foods. If you keep foods frozen for too long, or if they are frozen in improper containers it will cause freezer burn thus causing the color and taste of the foods to be changed for the worse. Such food is still safe to eat in this condition, but it is not be as appealing.

As freezing is a simple process, there is not much equipment required to get started – just your household freezer and the appropriate containers. The easiest containers are common freezer bags found in your local supermarket. You can also freeze in your canning jars, plastic containers [such as butter or cottage containers], aluminum foil, plastic wrap and freezer paper. Regardless of the containers used, you will need to allow for the food to expand as it freezes, so be sure to leave plenty of space for this process – similar to the head space left when canning. Not leaving this room for expansion will cause your containers to leak in your freezer and make an icy mess that you will have to clean up later.https://www.foodshortageusa.com [1]

Freezing Fruit

Fruits generally darken after they are cut, to prevent this darkening you will need to use an anti-darkening agent. A natural anti-darkening solution that can be used is a teaspoon of lemon juice to a quart of water. Soaking your fruit for five to ten minutes prior to placing them in the containers for freezing will prevent this. You can also use commercial anti-darkening, such as ‘Fruit Fresh’ by following the instructions on the package. Using either will work with great results.

You may want to add sugar to some of your fruit to help it retain its color and enhance its flavor. This can be done by adding the sugar directly to the fruit and mixing it in, or by making a sugar and water syrup and pouring it over the fruit after putting it into the containers and before freezing. Please refer to the chart below for the desired thickness of syrup desired.

Fruit Freezing Instructions


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