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Harvesting Your Garden Bounty For Peak Flavor

You’ve planted your garden, tended the seedlings, defended the plants from pests, and now you have a garden full of bounty. Now you need to learn how to harvest and store what you’ve grown. Each vegetable grows at its own rate and has its own harvest time. Let’s go through the basics of how to harvest and store common garden vegetables.

The best way to test for maturity is to taste test, but there are a few easy guidelines for judging when vegetables are ready for picking without eating all of them. Great flavor isn’t just a matter of color and size—it is the proper combination of soil, sun, and water that makes or breaks your garden’s performance. To assure the best flavor and texture, most vegetables are picked just prior to maturity.

Note: Some vegetables need to be harvested before first frost. Others may need freezing temperatures to complete the ripening process.

Use the following guidelines set forth to judge if your garden is harvest-ready.


Happy harvesting!

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