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Jerry’s Debut!

Well, hello everybody!  My name is Jerry Greenfield and I am the new guest writer for Off the Grid News!  I guess I should start by telling you a little bit about myself.  My number one focus in life is growing my own food.  For me, growing my own fruits and vegetables, and saving my own seed is the key to survival.  I take survival gardening (and survival skills, in general) pretty seriously, but I also just enjoy gardening.

I stand behind ProtoGrow 100%!  I’ve used it in my garden for years and it works wonders.  It’s just the perfect combination of all organic, all natural ingredients.  It acts as an amazing fertilizer to feed your plants and help them grow big and healthy, and it also adds important nutrients to your soil to help maintain your plant’s health and survival.

I wouldn’t consider myself an activist or a “pushy” type of person when it comes to my views, beliefs, etc., but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts, advice, and tips with anyone who is willing to listen (or read).  Because I enjoy sharing my knowledge, I end up writing a lot!

I have my own blog, Grow Like Crazy: Nature’s Original Super-Growth Formula!, in which I share a lot of my life with my readers.  From what’s going on in my survival garden, to recipes my wife and I make from our home-grown foods, to my views on what’s going on in the world today, my blog is a more personal look into who I am.

I also write many Ezine articles, which tend to be a bit more educational—and sometimes more opinionated!  I like writing these articles because it gives me a chance to share important information with a broad audience.  I write about studies I’ve read on GMOs, chemicals, growth hormones, and anything that has to do with how our government and food industry are trying to trick us into eating foods that are terrible for us!  You can check out all my articles here.

In addition, I guess you could say I am kind of “in charge” of a new website called My Garden Walk: Protect Your Perimeters.  My Garden Walk is a really helpful website that offers education and advice for the serious survivalist!  I write all the blogs on the site, share tips each month, and provide lots of resources for survival information.  This site also acts as a place for fellow preppers to talk with each other and share information on gardening, food storage, seed saving, and other survival skills.  Plus, there’re lots of shots of my beautiful mug plastered all over the site!

Another website I write for is called Seed Shortage News: One Stop for All Seed Shortage News.  This is a great site for anyone who wants to find out the latest news stories on seed shortages in America and around the world!  I write the Opinion Editorials for this site.  Often times my articles are written based on a story I found on the site.  So, not only do you get my humble opinion on the story, but you can then read more about the topic elsewhere on the site.

I also like to share pictures of my garden.  You can see a bunch of them on my Flickr account.  And I am an avid “Stumbler”, so if you are also a member of StumbleUpon, we should be friends!  You can also check out my Facebook page and the Grow Like Crazy Facebook page.

Man, when I really step back and look at all this, I’m a busy bee!  I hope you all take a moment to read some of my articles and blogs, and check out some of my photographs, or friend me on Facebook!  I would love to get to know you!  And I’m really looking forward to writing for Off the Grid News!  Thanks for the opportunity everyone!

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