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Obama Waivers On GMO In The Face Of A Colossal Deal With Monsanto

GMO seeds in a corn field

Monsanto Protection Act

DuPont and Monsanto just struck a $1.75 billion deal that allows the world’s two largest seed producers to increase GMO seed technology sharing. The Monsanto Protection Act spurred a host of farmers from across America and Food Democracy Now to protest in front of the White House on Wednesday.

A Food Democracy Now petition implored President Barack Obama to pen an executive order to thwart the Monsanto Protection Act. The president signed the bill into law recently. The legislation would allow GMO ingredients in food to go unlabeled, among a plethora of other disturbing new agriculture industry guidelines.

In 2007, Barack Obama had this to say about GMO seeds and GMO crops:

“Here’s what I’ll do as president, we’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”

Apparently President Obama’s stance on our right to know what lands on our plates has evolved significantly since that campaign speech. A total of 62 other countries, some far less industrialized and educated than the United States, have GMO labeling laws.

It is both shocking and infuriating that all of the liberals who support freedom-infringing nanny state initiatives designed to enhance our health and protect us from ourselves are not coming out against the Monsanto Protection Act. I have not heard a single anti-obesity or sugary drinks ban activist condemn the potentially dangerous GMO crops.

The DuPont and Monsanto deal also puts an end to the $1 billion penalty levied against DuPont by the federal court. The world’s second largest seed producer was found to have misused a Monsanto seed technology and was ordered to pay a fine. The companies are now best buddies and skip happily among their fields of genetically modified crops while the Americans who do not grow their own food are forced to put even more GMO ingredients on their supposedly healthy salad.

Seeds are natural, little, sustenance-giving kernels. The term seed technology should not even exist. Seed science, sure – farmers are constantly perfecting their growing techniques. Seeds are not cell phones, they do not need to be infused with new “technology” to perform their very essential function. There is absolutely no reason to tinker with Mother Nature – except for the desire for even greater profit.

Profit is not an evil word; America was founded by hard-working individuals who put their sweat and tears into building a business. But, profit at the sake of harm to others is simply not acceptable. Cars must have seatbelts, motorcyclists must wear helmets, and talking on the cell phone while driving is outlawed in most states – yet something as important to our survival as food has fallen victim to politics and the deep pockets of DuPont and Monsanto.

I have jokingly been called a “feral wife” a time or too. I only successfully peeled my first potato recently – I blamed my lack of skill on the fact that I could not find a left-handed potato peeler. I do not think my domestic abilities rank on the top 10 reasons why my wonderful husband loves me so much.

The multitude of hours I spend writing about what is happening in and around America each week convinced me to find a suitable potato peeler (it’s a cute shade of blue and slides nicely onto my index finger) and go from a kitchen novice to an expert dehydrator who is now going to help with the annual canning.

I always enjoyed helping my Popaw in the garden and will be turning those memories into dirt under the fingernails action this spring. Regardless of how inexpensive potatoes (and other produce) are in the local grocery store flyer, we will be growing our own.

The Monsanto Protection Act paved the way for the sweetheart DuPont deal. A total of 13 new GMO crops are now waiting for final approval from the USDA. AquaBounty could be selling GMO salmon as soon as next month if the FDA signs off on the product.

As hard as it is to picture sometimes, this is still America and the lack of concern our government shows towards the agriculture industry is growing ever more frightening by the day. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would likely not recognize the nation he helped found.

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