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The Next Generation of Meals-Ready-to-Eat

Part of being prepared for anything means knowing what you are preparing for. If you live in a hurricane, tornado or earthquake-prone area, although you don’t know when one will hit, you do know that when one does, power and water can often be affected. It could be hours, days or weeks before you are able to turn on your lights, cook in the oven (whether it is gas or electric powered) and run your refrigerator. Indeed you may own a generator or solar panels, but not everyone can afford solar and with the price of gas fluctuating all the time, buying gas to power a generator can be a luxury.

Empty Shelf Syndrome

If you have ever tried shopping before a hurricane is expected to hit, you are all too familiar with the empty shelf syndrome. More than anything, the fear of going hungry will get food flying off the shelves, along with gallon-sized jugs of water. If people have generators or solar panels, that is fantastic, they can still keep their food cold.

But what if they don’t have either? They still shop as though Armageddon is going to hit and most of it goes bad. Most people, despite living in areas where they know Mother Nature will wreak havoc, are still, for some reason, ill prepared. After just a few days, when the food has all gone bad, they are often wondering what to do next. The result is that they go shopping in their pantries and find any available canned food and start cooking. Hopefully they have thought ahead and purchased a gas-powered stove and can at least light the burners and cook something. But if, like many people, they opted for the cool-looking range top, they are unable to cook.

In addition, if you are like many of us, you believe that the economy will tank and it is not a matter of if it tanks, but rather when. What steps are you taking to ensure that you won’t starve? Will you have everything you need in the event that food is unavailable on the grocery store shelves? Unlike a temporary power outage because of a hurricane or other “act of God”, if there is a gas shortage or other major crisis in the U.S. or elsewhere, the availability of food will dwindle quickly, especially with our grocery stores running “just-in-time” inventories of around three days.

Problem Solved!

If you were ever in the military or have a loved one who is/was, you have probably heard of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). MREs were developed by the military to more easily feed troops on the ground without them having to lug around canned wet goods. The early rations were not very tasty and earned various negative nicknames, including “Meals Rarely Edible”.

Things have certainly changed! If you are to look at the list of ingredients on the new MREs, it might surprise you to know they actually contain food and names of ingredients you can pronounce easily, like rice, tufo, meat, chicken, carrots, celery, black and red beans, etc.

Think of it this way: you might not have to use them for a few years, or you may need them next week. The fact is, none of us knows for certain what will happen. Between natural disasters, the unpredictable and mostly volatile stock market and economy, we all really ought to be much better prepared than we are.

Solutions From Science now offers an emergency food supply bucket with 84 servings per bucket for your emergency food storage supply. So, if you don’t have the room to grow a garden or have a pantry, you can still provide for your family’s emergency needs with these meals-ready-to-eat. Go to to take advantage of this offer.

Don’t wait until the next big hurricane switches course, picks up speed and moves toward your home, or bank on each earthquake being under a 4.0. When disaster strikes and will you be prepared?

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