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Winter Storage and Care for Strawberries

Strawberries are a great addition to any garden, but they do require special care and attention, especially in the winter. To keep your plants healthy and producing for many seasons, you will want to prepare them well for the winter season.

Strawberry Plants Left in the Ground

Storing Your Strawberries Indoors

If you are splitting up your strawberries to give them room to grow next year or moving them to a new location next spring and are wondering how to go about it, I may have your solution. I am thinning my strawberry bed and laying down a drip irrigation system, so I needed a way to store the plants while I put down the tubing and refreshed the soil for next year. So I found some information on a site that I used to put together this storage method for home use.

Replanting Strawberries

New DVD shows you all the basics and techniques of preserving this years harvest… [1]


Pest Prevention and Control


Plant more than one variety, as each responds to different conditions. This will give you a wide range of fruit to enjoy.

Love your berries and care for them well, and they will give you delicious fruit for years to come. Happy gardening!