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EMP/Severe Weather Risks…

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If you ask your neighbor about an EMP event, I guarantee he or she will think you’re nuts. And as you might expect….

Young people today don’t even think the threat is real. Interesting story we just posted: “Young People Today See No Need To Even Discuss An EMP Threat”

Our readers know the drill though. This is real and could happen. North Korea ballistic weapons and intelligence reveals they have discussed an EMP attack on us. Not to mention Russia and China.

But the truth is… it wouldn’t even take an enemy to detonate an EMP burst at high altitude and fry our electronics. The sun itself is capable and perhaps even “overdue” to send us a dangerous solar storm that would change our lives forever.

And it’s more than that. About 60% of all outages are weather-related. And a big chunk of that is from severe spring and summer storms, tornadoes and wildfires. The type of weather that comes from now through the end of summer.

Great Price…

We continue to advise having a way to generate electricity independent of the grid. Just makes sense.

Further… we continue to offer the best “bang for the buck” on a solar generator with a lot of FREE stuff too.

If you don’t have one… go to and get one. You won’t beat this price anywhere. (seriously)

Please be vigilant. Don’t be like your neighbor.

P.S. It looks like the Trump Administration (through executive order) is taking some steps to actually deal with this. Might be a good idea to research the executive order and decide for yourself if it’s legit. If it is… send an email to the White House affirming the order: Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses.


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