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4 Disastrous Mistakes Survivalists Often Make

Image source: LA Times

Image source: LA Times

Preparing for a natural or man-made crisis isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming – so much so that you may be making disastrous mistakes and not even know it.

Following are four common mistakes survivalists and preppers often make, no matter their situation:

1. Preparing for Only One Disaster. Quite a few survivalists make the mistake of only preparing for the disaster that is the most relevant to their location. For example, if someone lives near the coastline, he may only prepare for a hurricane and flooding. Or if a person lives near a volcano, she may prepare only for an eruption and subsequent lava flow. Preparing for any one of these is fine, but you have to be aware that there are multiple disaster scenarios out there that could take place where you live. Preparing for as many of them as you reasonably can would be the wise move.

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2. Not Investing in the Right Supplies. Rather than investing money into purchasing stockpiles of water, food and gasoline, they instead spend their money on fancy guns and gear. Everyone knows that buying the right gear is essential for prepping and survival, but it’s not as important as water and food to last you through a long-term disaster. If you stay at your home, but lack the essential stockpiles we mentioned, you’re not going to last long. Yes, spending money on food and water stockpiles may be considered boring, and yes, it’s certainly more fun to come home with a new piece of cool equipment or a new gun. But the goal is to survive a long-term outage or grid-down scenario, and that will only come if you can live off of the essentials you stockpile. Reorganize your priorities and invest in the right things.

3. Not Knowing How to Use Everything. So you have all of the essential stockpiles and all of the gear that you need. But do you know how to use all of it? For instance, do you know how to keep your water storage clean and healthy? Do you know how to make your gasoline last a long time? Do you know how to properly use a new piece of gear you’ve acquired? To ensure you don’t fall into the trap of this problem, educate yourself before there is a disaster.

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4. Procrastinating. Finally, one problem that many preppers make is to actually put off on prepping. Even if they call themselves “preppers,” and even if they have all of the knowledge they’ll ever need, they delay buying certain supplies. They may not have all of the food they need, or the medical supplies they would require. Yes, they understand that survival is important, but they just lack motivation.

If you find yourself falling prey to this mistake, there’s no need to worry. Simply purchase your gear and essential stockpiles in small amounts. This stands in contrast to where you would save up a lot of money — and then buy an entire food stockpile or an entire water stockpile all at once. If you can add small amounts of what you need to your storage over time, then you’ll definitely find your stockpiles progressively growing.

What are other common mistakes survivalists and preppers make? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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