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6 Must-Have Off-The-Grid Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas tree gifAre you looking for some practical, sure-to-be-loved gift ideas for all the off-gridders, modern homesteaders, self-sufficient living fans, and preppers on your holiday list?  Maybe you’re just looking to give yourself a practical gift of self-reliance this Christmas season…

Either way, there are a few really neat gifts this year that anyone who lives an the off-grid lifestyle in any way, no matter how big or small, will love to receive. These gifts won’t end up in the landfill or be returned for something else, and there’s something for every price range and budget.  Best of all, they will keep giving and giving to the recipient throughout the coming year.

Pocket Power Plus

This is a handy little personal, portable backup power unit. You can charge all of your electrical devices remotely with the Pocket Power Plus. Use it during emergencies, or “just because.” It’s great for travel. It has 16 different kinds of adapters, so there’s no popular electronic gadget this device won’t be compatible with. It will even jump-start a car! Includes a USB charging port also. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.
Makes a great gift for the off-grid type who still likes to stay connected with their digital devices. Perfect for teens, college students, camping enthusiasts, business travelers, and the person who has one of everything. (We bet they don’t have a Pocket Power Plus!)

Wrist Bow

The Wrist Bow is the ultimate tactical self-defense and hunting weapon that does not require a firearms license to carry. This amazing bow will let you shoot just about anything that will fit in the strap: BBs, glass balls, ball-bearings, rocks, even arrows! It’s extremely lightweight and portable, yet durable and strong. But don’t let the small size fool you. It will pack a punch, and it can be lethal. Can easily be used for hunting game. Bow experts love it for its precision and accuracy, and new hunters love it because it is easy to use.

Makes an excellent gift for the hunter in your life, experienced or beginner. Self-defense gurus will love it, too.

Hot Water Rocket

With the Hot Water Rocket you can make boiling hot water, anywhere, anytime. No power needed, whatsoever! This little gem is perfect for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, or just to have on hand for emergencies.

It’s easy to use. Simply fill the interior vacuum tube with approximately one pint of water. Unfold the two parabolic reflectors, and position the Hot Water Rocket so that the reflectors face the sun. That’s it. In no time at all, you’ll have piping hot water. No “go-bag” should be without one.

Microgreens Kit

Got a gardener, hobbyist, educator or foodie on your Christmas list? Someone keenly interested in health and nutrition? Need to buy a little something for the grandkids or for the special children in your life? Look no further – this is the perfect gift for each of them.

If I had to pick just one word to describe the Microgreens Kit, it would be … FUN! Microgreens are fun and easy to grow. They’re nothing magic – microgreens are simply seedlings. More mature than sprouts, but smaller than baby greens. You can grow them on a kitchen counter or on your windowsill with no mess and no fuss. Harvest them within 10 to 14 days, when they’re about one to three inches high. Chefs love them because they add color, flavor and texture to almost any dish. But don’t let the small size fool you. They pack an incredible punch. Not only do they taste delicious, but they’re an ideal survival food packed with vitamins and minerals.

Sprout Sampler Kit

The Sprout Sampler Kit is a lot of fun, too. It’s similar to the microgreens kit above, except you harvest your seeds at the sprouting stage. Sprouts are healthy and delicious and will allow your family to eat fresh, homegrown greens even in the dead of winter. Sprouts taste delicious on homemade pizzas, sandwiches and in salads. Use them to top your casseroles and hearty soups this winter.

The Sprout Sampler Kit makes a great gift for gardeners and foodies, too. (If you really want to make them happy, or they’ve been extra-good this year, buy them one of each kit!)

Now, for the person who has everything… we bet they don’t have this …


Be totally prepared for any emergency. The PowerSource 1800 will give you access to off-the-grid electricity anywhere, anytime. This generator is the ultimate in solar-powered backup generators. Use it to power lights, appliances, phones, radios, televisions…pretty much any electrically operated device. The best part: Once you have one of these solar backup generators, you’ll have unlimited FREE electricity forever. It’s a great gift for any serious off-gridder or prepper.

There you have it – the Off The Grid News Christmas Shopping Guide. We hope you find a little something for your friends, your family, and maybe even for yourself.

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