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7 Easy Homestead Projects Using PVC Pipe

7 Easy Homestead Projects Using PVC Pipe

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What’s the common denominator between homesteading and PVC pipes?

The answer, my friends, is that you can build lots of useful things for your homestead using PVC pipes as building blocks.

Why PVC pipes? Well, they’re dirt cheap, fairly easy to work with, immensely durable and very light.

Bottom line is that if you’re the DIY type and you’re not afraid to put some elbow grease into your projects, keep reading.

1. How to Build a Watering Grid for Your Garden

You can build a grid for square-foot gardening from PVC pipes and thus increase your yield, while having some fun in the process. The PVC-made watering system will save you precious (watering) time and it will allow you to be more precise when it comes to the amount of water used for your garden — i.e. it will help you with the water bill. So, what is required for the PVC grid irrigation system? Well, not much. Depending on the size of the squares, you’ll require PVC pipe, caps, glue, a saw, a drill and fittings. Here’s a video tutorial depicting the detailed instructions for building a PVC (drip) irrigation system for your home garden:



Here’s another one about how to build a PVC pipe grid:



2. How to Build a Chicken Coop

You can build a low-cost chicken coop using PVC pipes instead of lumber. Here’s a video tutorial:



3. How to Build Your Own Longbow

This is a project for hunter-gatherers or archery enthusiasts, but I think it’s as cool as it gets no matter where you stand on hunting. I actually love archery and hunting, and hence knowing how to build your own longbow from PVC pipes is like a dream come true for me.

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Keep in mind that high-performance bows come with hefty price tags and they tend to break under heavy usage, not to mention that you can’t buy yourself a longbow when there’s a crisis and stores are closed. However, you can DIY one from PVC pipes. The total cost is about $10:



4. How to Build Hanging Planters

This is a fairly easy project, and you can achieve victory even if you never built anything with your hands until now. You can grow almost anything in these babies: edibles like lettuce and decoratives like flowers. This is a cool project for apartments, too! The materials required for building hanging planters are PVC pipes, a drill, a saw and a rope or chain from which to hang the planters. Watch this video:



5. How to Build Snow Shoes

If you live in a cold climate, you’ll love this project. I mean, in certain areas, snow shoes are as important as regular shoes, right? This is immensely fun to do it with your kids or friends if you are in a zone where snow is an intrinsic part of your life:



6. How to Build a Clothes Rack

If you have a house, a pool and lots of kids, having an outdoor clothes rack will come in handy. And PVC pipes are the best materials to use in this endeavor. Naturally, you can use this rack for lots of other things and not just for hanging towels, and all you need is a little bit of imagination. As for materials required, you’ll need PVC pipes, glue, fittings, a drill and a saw:



7. How to Build a PVC Pipe Wine Rack

If you love Bacchus, here’s an elegant idea about how to build a PVC pipe wine rack for your cellar. The best thing about this project is that it will cost you next to nothing:



What have you built with PVC pipe? Share your homesteading tips in the section below:

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