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9 Must-Have Tools For Your Barn Or Shed

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Whether you are an urban homesteader or have several acres all to yourself, there are tools that you need to manage your resources.

Here is a list of 15 must-have tools for any homesteader’s barn or shed.

1. Zip ties. These are wildly useful on the homestead. You can use them to secure fencing pieces on a semi-permanent basis. You also can use them to hold tarps over feed buckets, wagons or whatever needs to stay dry or out of the sun.

2. Tarps. If you have livestock, then you likely have a stack of hay and straw on your property. But you have to keep it dry or it will mold. Tarps will keep rain or snow off of your animal feed or bedding. They also can be used for so much more, such as creating makeshift shelter for yourself or your animals in case of inclement weather.

3. Scissors. Perhaps obvious, but you will use scissors in your home as well as on the homestead – and you should have several pair around the property for cutting open feed bags or trimming herbs and other plants.

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4. Vinegar and baking soda mixture. You can use it to clean your chicken coops or other livestock pens. Also, if you choose to wash your fresh veggies, this mixture will make it a quick and easy task. It is non-toxic, and almost everyone has it laying around in their pantry.

5. Shovel. Cleaning out animal stalls and digging postholes for building projects will most always call for a shovel of some kind. Of course, shovels are also useful in the garden for planting or transplanting.

6. Buckets. Buckets are hugely versatile. I recommend several 5-gallon ones. With them, you can make livestock feeders and waterers that are wonderfully efficient.

7. Rake. Rakes are great for keeping livestock as well as for tending your garden. Your rake can be put to good use in your livestock quarters to make cleaning a breeze. They are also great for spreading compost or fertilizer in your garden, and getting dead weeds, branches and fallen leaves away from your grass.

8. Axe. For small farms, all you might need is a little hatchet, but an axe is great for big jobs. It is especially essential if you plan to heat your home or cook with a wood-burning stove or fireplace

9. Vet wrap. Vet wrap, as the name suggests, is a first-aid tool for your animals. It secures bandages and the like without sticking to fur or hair. You can also use it for yourself.

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