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Be Prepared: 6 Critical Steps To Survive A Nuclear Disaster

nuclear power disaster

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Nuclear disaster preparedness is likely a concern for many, but such a scenario is of particular importance to Americans living within 100 miles of a plant or waste disposal facility.

A majority (32) of states have a nuclear power plant, and even ones that don’t are located next to one right across the border. Nuclear waste disposal facilities are also located in a multitude of states. Sadly, many folks live within a dangerous fallout zone and do not even realize they are at risk – especially if it storms or high winds occur right after a nuclear disaster.

The Fukishima nuclear plant meltdown in Japan illustrates the broad reach such a disaster can have.

Here are six tips for preparing for a potential nuclear disaster:

1. Prepare escape routes. Leaving your home if you live within 100 miles of a nuclear facility after either a man-made or natural disaster is of course the first and best option for survival. But hopping into your car and rolling down the freeway is not likely to be an easy task. Alternative exit routes should be devised and practiced. Walking, hiking, bicycling, boating and 4-wheeling away from the danger zone should all be considered. These options all depend on the amount of warning time given. Getting caught outside when a radiation shower occurs will be the last walk, bike, hike, canoeing, or ATV ride you ever take.

2. Get a meter. An electroscope such as a Kearny Fallout Meter to detect fluctuations in radiation readings is a wise investment. Survival is dependent upon garnering as much warning time as possible. A Kearny Fallout Meter (KFM) is a simplistic and affordable electroscope that is highly regarded for its accuracy.

Survival Substance So Prized Armed Security Forces Guard Its Source Hidden Deep Within The Earth

3. Wash food. Some nuclear disaster preparedness experts feel that despite contrary arguments, thoroughly washing produce will remove radioactive particles. If the plants the produce stemmed from have been exposed to radiation, the crop has been lost. Radiation fallout on produce can be dealt with by using baking soda or calcium bentonite clay, if predictions are accurate. The clay is a natural substance that reportedly absorbs radiation and has a strong negative ionic charge. Once activated by water, the calcium bentonite works like a heft magnet and absorbs anything with a positive ionic charge in its path. Possible substances with a positive ionic charge include pesticides, various toxins, and radiation. This captures and removes the tainted materials as the object is washed off. The Ready Nutrition website suggests mixing one part of the clay to 8 parts of purified water in a non-metallic bowl or tub. Put the produce, or any object touched by radiation, in the mixture, cover it, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with yet more purified water and eat or use. Gloves should be worn when touching the tainted object. If going the baking soda route, wash the produce in a half-and-half soda and water mixture, rinse, and then peel and eat.

nuclear plants us4. Eat the right foods. We are what we eat, just like we learned in middle school health class. Adopting an “anti-radiation” diet now, and storing such foods for consumption during a nuclear disaster could also enhance survival. Some foods are believed to possess natural qualities that aid the body in “ridding itself from radiation exposure.” Foods which could help protect the body from radiation poisoning and fight off the ill effects of exposure include rosemary, kelp, miso soup, niacin and spirulina. Foods that are high in potassium are also often touted as a good way to combat radiation sickness. High potassium foods include bananas, potatoes, apples, pineapples, oranges and pomegranates. Mushrooms which are black or brown in color, reishi mushrooms in particular, are also believed to be high in antioxidants that will help the body fight radiation sickness. Both green and black teas might also help a victim of radiation poisoning. Teas recommended include ones made from dandelions, cumin, lentils, garlic, ginseng, mustard and collard greens.

5. Look into natural body cleansers. Drinking natural body cleansers is also recommended for anyone within 100 miles of a nuclear disaster. The same mixture of baking soda and water noted above, along with apple cider vinegar, is also believed to flush radiation and other toxins from the body and cleanse the stomach lining. Baking soda is the one prep that keeps on giving in just about every survival facet. Mix some of the soda with your laundry, liquid body, and dish soap to further cleanse radiation dust (it binds to the soda) from your body, clothing, windows and doors.

6. Plant Spiderwort around the home to alert you to radiation exposure. The distinctly dark purple leaves of the plant turn pink when exposed to radiation. Spiderwort plants may be toxic to some animals and pets.

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