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How To Dye Fabric, Deter Bugs And Even Make Tea With Food Scraps

food scraps

You can do so much more with food scraps than just throw them away or use them for compost.

People tend to throw away loads of food scraps in the kitchen, failing to recognize that much of the “garbage” can be easily repurposed.

Keep reading and I’ll show you a few tips and tricks for making your life easier if you’re an off-gridder or homesteader, or simply someone who likes to re-use items.

The most obvious thing one can do with food scraps is to place them in a compost pile, but we can do so much more with them than that.


Uses For Food Scraps #1: Egg Shells

Let’s start with my personal favorite food scrap: egg shells.

Uses For Food Scraps #2: Apple Peels

Next on the menu is apple peels, as they also come with lots of good uses for your homestead.

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Uses For Food Scraps #3: Onion Peels

I know that they may smell bad, but don’t toss onion peels. Just use them! How?

Uses For Food Scraps #4: Corn Husks

Last but not least, corn husks are excellent for your homestead. For example:

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Are there other uses for food scraps that you would have included? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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