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European Union Moving Toward Citizen’s Mandatory Electronic ID

The European Union is nearing the creation of a mandatory electronic ID system for all of its citizens. Neelie Kroes is the EU’s Digital Agenda Commissioner and is introducing legislation she hopes will force “the adoption of harmonized e-signatures, e-identities, and electronic authentication services (eIAS) across EU member states.”

Supposedly, the purpose of such an ID is to standardize business both online and in person by authenticating users by means of an electronic signature. Such a system would guarantee a single authenticating ID that would guard access to the Internet, online data, and commerce.

While deemed a much needed advancement by some, others see this as more akin to a Mark of the Beast plan. Little wonder since Kroes, a prominent Bilderberg attendee, is behind the scheme.

Many in Europe are leery of such a system and have resisted the big government intrusion of ID requirements on civil rights grounds. Rightfully so, as memories of the Nazi regime’s “papers, please” policies still linger. But observers at sites such as warn Neelie Kroes looks to an incremental approach that would “widen the scope of the current directive by including also ancillary authentication services that complement e-signatures, like electronic seals, time/date stamps, etc,” as the EU attempts to corral more nations into participation.

The Big Brother system would be implemented in Europe first, and then to later be advocated in North America and the remainder of the globe. This move has been hastened by the current emphasis on a cashless system in the name of “safe, verifiable commerce,” and security. In the case of Europe, special emphasis is placed in part on “establishing a truly functioning single market” — part of the larger EU goal even now floundering.

Neelie Kroes has been a long term Bilderberg attendee, showing up annually since 2005. She was on the official list for the 2006 meeting in Ottawa, Canada, then the 2007 meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, 2008 in Chantilly, Virginia, 2009 in Vouliagmeni, Greece and 2010 in Sitges, Spain, as a delegate from the European Commission.

In 2011, Kroes was given the new title of the EU’s Commissioner for Digital Agenda. With this title added she is looking to further the Bilderberg agenda in the meeting next week.

In the U.S., the creation of US CYBERCOM has paved the way for American involvement in the movement toward a universal digital ID. NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander also meets annually at Bilderberg, to “wage offensive cyber-war across the globe.” Add to this mix secretive meetings between the NSA and Silicon Valley notables such as Google, and it is no wonder many have no doubt U.S. citizens will be seeing a push for the same agenda as the one the Europe.

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