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Getting Your Child Excited About Reading

Reading is the most basic academic skill that your child will learn. It is the first and the most important. Without the ability to read and read well, she will not be able to succeed academically or at much of anything else in life. Some children will embrace reading and books immediately, while others avoid reading like the plague.

You have a tremendous amount of influence over your children, as you well know. Especially as a homeschooler, you have the power to affect the way your children learn and what they value. One of the most positive impacts you can have is instilling a love for reading and books. Children who love to read usually turn into adults who love to read. Avid readers are generally more knowledgeable, better thinkers, more creative, learn more efficiently, and are better problem solvers than those who do not read often. Whatever you can do to help your child enjoy reading will help to set her on the right track.

It is essential that you get your children on the path to good reading habits as early as possible. It is their most important academic skill and will lead to being able to write, learn, and think. Without reading and books, your child’s academic success will be in jeopardy. As a homeschooling parent, you have a great responsibility to demonstrate the importance of reading.

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