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Homeschooling Your Children During A Disaster

homeschooling during disaster

When there’s a crisis or disaster and you are anchored at your bug out/bug in location, your children’s education will become your sole responsibility. Many homesteading and off-grid families have already opted to teach their children in a home classroom and will have at least some materials stockpiled for standard use.

Online homeschool opportunities thankfully abound, but access to the Internet will not be possible during a grid-down scenario. Depending upon the severity of a civil unrest, economic collapse, or natural disaster, cyber learning may also be interrupted for an extended period of time.

As previously noted by Off The Grid News in the morale boosters report, maintaining some sense of normalcy and making sure that children in a post-doomsday America can still read and possess the math skills necessary to tackle life-saving tasks, is important.

Morale boosters and school materials are definitely not at the top of the prepping list, but such items can make the spare time after chores enjoyable and productive at the same time. Hands-on technical learning will be a big part of any crisis classroom education process. Although little Susie might be good at helping Mommy measure sugar for cupcakes, she needs to learn how to read to be able to follow package instructions and garner basic math skills to understand fractions when cooking or helping with water disinfecting and filtration.

Below, parents can find the information and links necessary to begin collecting the materials needed to create a home classroom. As a former educator, I have used many of these lessons and activities when instructing elementary age children. Future installments in this series will offer reading, spelling, math, history and science lessons for students of all ages.

This guide is geared to kindergarten through second grade youngsters. In addition to the sample printable worksheets, the guide offers extremely useful instructional forms, charts and diagrams which will allow parents to replicate the educational lessons with purchased storybooks or simple stories authored at home and written at the child’s level.

Worksheets and booklets can become quite costly when purchased at educational resource stores. Cheaper educational activity books from discount stores are extremely similar to teacher store books, but typically only focus on up to the second-grade level and do not offer educator instructions.

Networking with a local homeschool league may also enable prepper parents with the skills and resources necessary to help educate their children when the school buses stop running and the Internet no longer works.

The female prepping sensation known as Survival Mom had this to say in a recent post about homeschooling:

“The foremost benefit for preppers is that homeschooling provides a continuous flow of education in spite of changing circumstances. Any event that would normally disrupt the school year doesn’t have nearly the same impact for homeschoolers. During a time of intense stress and change, a homeschooling family is together, along with the reassurance and the anchor that only parents can provide. If a family decides to move to another location or has to evacuate for a time, other than losing some time in the moving process, kids can pick up their schooling right where they left off. The trauma of leaving one school and starting over in another is a non-issue. A multitude of free homeschooling resources on the web can take the place of more expensive curriculum if need be.”

My daughter was in the middle of her junior year of high school when we opted for an online charter school education and post secondary options (PSEO) classes. I was not sure how the experiment would work out, and we were fearful that she would miss her friends and athletic activities. As it turned out, once she was able to work at her own pace and was not distracted by the antics of students who had no desire to learn, she completed high school requirements more than a year early. She took college courses both online and at a local campus, where she made more friends and had tons of fun at the student center.

An increasing number of prepping parents are taking advantage of similar programs. For those who are not comfortable with the idea of removing their children from the public school system, the links below should provide ample teaching resources so youngsters will be able to continue learning even after a disaster scenario.

The links to materials shared in the guides do not require any type of user sign-in, membership, or a fee to view or print. Some of the materials in the guide are sample excerpts provided from educational centers, they can stand alone as a lesson without the membership required to obtain an extensive book of activities which is advertised on the page. Click on all the links in each line to acquire the necessary pages from the booklets or lesson for printing.

Take a hard look at the true state of public education…

Printable Booklets

Make an extra copy of the booklets, cut apart, and use the mini pages as spelling flash cards.

Words that Rhyme with AD

Words that Rhyme with AIL

Sleeping Beauty Read and Color booklet

Words that Rhyme with AKE

Words that Rhyme with ALL

Thorna Rosa Action Song booklet

Words that Rhyme with AR

Building a Birdhouse booklet

Words that Rhyme with IR

Words that Rhyme with OOL

Words that Rhyme with UG

AN words booklet

AT words booklet

EN words booklet

Rhyming words booklet

Print and color storybook

Camping words booklet

Boat words booklet

Clothing words booklet

Nature words booklet

Farming words booklet

I Live On A Farm booklet

Autumn words booklet

5 Senses booklet

Flowers booklet

Food Pyramid booklet

Fruits booklet

Furniture words booklet

Insects booklet

Number words booklet

Fantasy mini booklet

Plants booklet

School words booklet

Shape words booklet

Spring words booklet

Sports words mini booklet

Summer words booklet

Vegetables booklet

Winter words booklet

Frog On A Log booklet

Noah And His Ark booklet

Little Horse mini storybook

The Life of Jesus booklet

Gardening mini booklet

God Made Me booklet for Girls

God Made Me booklet for Boys

Mommy Bird booklet

Summer time booklet

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Reading Comprehension

The worksheets offer a short story a child can read alone or with assistance and then answer the context questions to demonstrate an understanding of the text.

Ball for my Dog

Buzz, Buzz, Bumble Bee Poem

Rock Band

Book Bingo

Book Report worksheet

Superhero Joey

Airplane Trip

Story Map Worksheet

Compare and Contrast Worksheet

Text/Self Connection

Vocabulary Worksheet

Setting Map

Dictionary Practice Page

Cause and Effect worksheet

Story Sequence  worksheet

Four Bears Reading Comprehension worksheet

Campout Reading Comprehension worksheet

Fruit Stand Reading Comprehension worksheet

Seasons Reading Comprehension worksheet

Catching Bugs Reading Comprehension worksheet

Moles Reading Comprehension worksheet

Porcupine Reading Comprehension worksheet

Letters and Sounds

The worksheets will help children learn the sounds letters make and words which start with each letter or sound blend.

The Letter “B”

The Letter “C”

Short “E”

K-2 Sight Words

High Frequency Words

Vocabulary Log

Alphabet Pages

Grammar Worksheets

Help children learn basic grammar skills and the difference between nouns and verbs with these free printable worksheets.


Common and Proper Nouns

Plural Nouns

Sentence Starters

Action Verbs

Past, Presence, and Future Tense

Commonly Confused Verbs


Pronoun Match

Choose the Correct Word worksheets

Prefixes and Suffixes

Word Map


Non-Action Verbs

Compound Words

Antonyms and Synonyms


Dolch Words List

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