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How To Build A Waterproof Underground Cache On A Budget

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Image source: surterreproperties.com [1]

Image source: surterreproperties.com

It’s a concept as old as the hills — or at least, fairly close to it. Humans have often taken to burying their items of importance for the simple fact that it makes their stash incredibly difficult to find, and usually, the soil around it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Essentially, it allows an individual to utilize the endless expanse of land, whether owned or borrowed at the time, as a primitive “safe [2]” of sorts. Why? A traditional safe is surely difficult to breach – but not impossible. In fact, it’s only a matter of time if an intruder has identified its location and possesses enough force to overpower its owner. That’s why safe-cracking thieves will run if they’re caught, but a company of armed dudes will simply throw it in their vehicle and drive off with you watching in disgust.

The Advantages of Keeping a Subterranean Stash

Burying valuable items basically uses land as the lock, and its hidden location as the secret combination.

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Since the earth is, well … big … the only real way to crack your safe is to accidentally stumble upon it by happenstance, or a thief will have to “persuade” you to disclose where it is.

In an underground cache, you’ll have the following problems to deal with…

Before We Begin: What’s Going In It?

Now I should clarify this point…

This post IS NOT intended for assisting those who wish to engage in illegal activity. This is for educational purposes only — and for those of us who don’t feel like handing our legal 1911 [4] and 45ACP ammunition over to anyone.

With that said, you need to bear in mind that the things you place in your cache should be able to handle temperature changes. Also, just because it’s not going to be an absolute pristine environment inside it, your items should have some moisture resistance as well.

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So in other words, your last piece of wedding cake might not do to well in a stash for nine months (but a wrapped Twinkie may do just fine).

A Safe Cache (On a Budget)

Here’s just a quick tutorial on how to construct your DIY waterproof underground cache:

Just make sure you pick a good spot to hide your cache … and don’t forget where your buried it.

Do you have any tips on burying items underground? Share them in the comments section below:

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