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How To Desalinate Water During A Crisis

How To Desalinate Water During A Crisis

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Earth’s potable water reserves are depleting fast, and while we hope for the best, we must prepare for the worst-case scenario.

So today, let’s look at a few DIY desalination projects. Water desalinization really works, and you don’t have to be an eccentric billionaire to benefit from it. We all know that Earth is covered with water, but the problem is that salt water is neither drinkable nor usable for growing plants.

But if you somehow manage to remove the salt, then the water can be used for basically any purpose.

There are large-scale projects for water desalinization, but they cost millions and millions of dollars. What if we could use a low-tech, dirt-cheap method instead?

Let’s begin by looking at distillation by evaporation, a process that can easily be used by homesteaders or survivalists who have access to salt water.

This process happens all the time around us — the water from the oceans/lakes/seas/rivers evaporates into the atmosphere, then it falls down to the Earth again as rain. That’s the circuit of water in nature, and we can mimic it on a smaller scale. We can do this by boiling water and using a random heat source.

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Upon heating, the water turns to steam (minus the salt, of course), and all you have to do is capture the steam and condense it to get fresh water.

The basic idea behind a device that uses distillation by evaporation is that water evaporates, but the salt won’t, and you’ll end up with potable water, regardless of its initial source.

Here’s a video depicting a homemade water distiller, which will provide you with reasonable amounts of pure water quickly, and the best thing is that it costs next to nothing, under $20:


Keep in mind that this method is not suitable for large-scale water distillation (such as agricultural purposes or irrigation), but it will secure you and your family an almost-infinite source of pure water for a disaster scenario, provided you have access to salt water and a source of heat to bring  the water at boiling temperature.

Below is another idea for a DIY salt water converter, this time using a pressure cooker as a water distiller. It’s very easy to build, cheap and works like a charm:


If you don’t have access to a heat source (fire), then you can use solar power for turning salt water into fresh water. Solar is a renewable source of energy, clean and abundant, hence using a solar water distiller is a great idea.

Below is another detailed video tutorial about how to build a solar water distiller using readily available materials:

If you have other ideas or comments about turning salt water into fresh water using basic/cheap/readily available materials and gear, feel free to comment in the dedicated section below:

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