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How To Make All-Natural Glue … Just Like The Native Americans Did

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Did you know that it is possible to make glue with limited, natural resources?

When you are off-grid or in the wilderness and limited in what you can acquire, you make the best use out of what scant materials you have. We’re going to apply this reasoning to making glue with limited sources.

The primary ingredient to homemade glue with natural resources is tree resin – the same natural product the Native Americans used to make glue. Resin can be gathered from most trees, but is most available from coniferous trees. The resin can be easily collected using a knife and a plastic bag. Once you have collected all of the resin you need, you need to assemble a number of other materials as well.

The first will be charcoal in powdered form. Resin on its own is not a very effective adhesive, and the purpose of the charcoal is to give the resin strength. You can easily acquire charcoal powder from a fire and then grind it up into a powder to use for the mixture.

Next, acquire a good filter. As for the actual type of filter, it doesn’t really matter. As long as it can filter out anything that isn’t resin, it should work. A store-bought filter can be used but is not entirely necessary.

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For instance, when the Native Americans would make their own glue, they would place all of their captured resin in a woven bag that would in turn be placed in a pot of boiling water. In time, according to, resin would seep through the bag and float over the water, while all of the impure parts of the resin would remain inside of the bag.  While you can use a store-bought metal filter, which would probably work better anyway, the fact is you can use a filter via natural means as well.

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You also need two pots, a jar (to store the finished mixture in), some aluminum foil, and a spoon (or, at least something to stir the mixture with.)

To begin, take your sheet of aluminum foil and place it over your stove. Your stove doesn’t have to be a regular kitchen stove, since you could easily use a homemade stove (such as a rocket stove) as well. Next, take a pot and pour all of the resin that you have collected into it. Set the pot on the stove and melt the resin.

As soon as the resin has been melted, you will want to pour it through your filter and into a separate pot. Some of the resin will be left behind in the original pot and will be nearly impossible to remove, but this is just part of the process we have to accept.

Next, reset the now-filtered resin back on the stove, and then add the charcoal powder to the mix.  About two or three pinches of the powder will be enough. The resin should turn into a darker color as you add and stir the charcoal powder.

This should complete your homemade glue. You can pour it into a container, and if and when it dries, simply reheat it to use it again.

Have you ever made glue from resin? Share your tips in the section below:

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