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Meat Cuber and Tenderizer

When our family was a lot younger and we had three children under foot, anything that could help take the work out of food preparation was a prized asset. In those days we saved up and spent the money to buy commercial grade electric equipment to assist us in butchering and storing meat.

But those years are behind us. Our children are grown and have families of their own. It’s just me and the hubby here at home, and we don’t put up the meat that we used to. It just seems like too much trouble to drag out the commercial electric tenderizer that takes forever and three days to clean once you’re through.

And sure, I can pound the meat to death when I defrost it, but I also like the convenience of everything being done but the frying when I take it out of the freezer.  That’s why I like my manual tenderizer/cuber from Weston.  With a compact design for ease of storage, its aluminum body housing comes apart for easy cleanup. Two C-clamps come with it to attach it to any work surface. The blades are easy to clean and everything reassembles in a matter of seconds.

What I love about my tenderizer is that it makes any piece of meat (even those cuts that are akin to shoe leather) fork tender and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. With a meat tenderizer/cuber, you don’t have to relegate flank and other undesirable pieces of meat strictly to the meat grinder.

We may not always have the convenience of electricity. Family sizes shrink as kids move out. For the price, this piece of equipment is worth every penny, and an excellent addition to any prepper’s kitchen tool box.

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