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Off-the-Grid Bathroom Solutions, Part 2

Having talked a little bit about the business last article, maybe it’s appropriate to talk about the long-term bathroom needs that haven’t yet been discussed.

As unusual as it may be to discuss, it is important to consider what will be done about cleanliness if there are any women in your family, as you may not always have access to modern feminine hygiene products. There are a couple of replacements for store-bought feminine products. While absolutely nothing is easy and comfortable at this time, even with modern conveniences (so I’m told), there are a few equally effective and easy to use solutions. And what did the ladies of history due before the creation of mini pads? There isn’t a lot of historical writing on the subject as most historians were male, and the subject was considered “unclean.”

Let’s face it—it’s a normal part of every woman’s life as long as they are of childbearing years. It is no less repugnant or taboo than the considerations about the outhouse. Most women have a clear idea of how they want to approach this personal issue, but here are a few lesser-known alternatives.

Another consideration concerning that time of the month is how it affects the local wildlife. Disposal of non-reusable products should probably be in the fire, as the potent pheromones from the menstrual odors can attract your animal neighbors. The last thing you need is a full-grown male bear sniffing around and surprising you one night in the outhouse.

To wrap this whole bathroom discussion up for a bit:

There is a place between absolute self sufficiency and urban dwelling. In planning before you make the move, here are a few “amenities” to review.

How and why someone chooses to live “off the grid” is a personal consideration. The extent to which an individual chooses to rely on themselves and their environment is likewise personal and subject to reevaluation and adaptation. A hundred years ago, there were limited choices. You dug an outhouse and used the pages from the Sears and Roebuck catalog to wipe. Today we have the luxury of trial and error. If a certain approach to waste management isn’t what you had hoped, an alternative is always available. And change can go in both directions. You may start with a “high brow” plan and over time find less dependent and equally satisfactory solutions. You may find “running into town” every couple of months is too often and will learn that necessity is indeed the mother of all invention. Is this subject the ultimate canvas for personalization? Perhaps.

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