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Opponents to UN Treaty, LOST, Hoping Support for it will Soon be Lost

WASHINGTON, DC – The Obama administration is ramping up its support of the UN Law of the Sea Treaty, often known as LOST. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey all appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday in support for what is essentially an attack on our national sovereignty.

Advocates for the treaty are counting on senators to do what they did when considering the new START Treaty a couple of years ago: take the president’s word for it; be enamored with all the pro-treaty testimonials, lobbyists, and special interest groups; and fail to provide the educated checks-and-balances intended when the Founders framed our form of government.

However, if members of the U.S. Senate trouble to take the time to at least read the text of LOST, they will surely see it for what it is. The treaty is a throwback to the Cold War era when the Soviet Union and their fellow Third World travelers championed an agenda that sought to:

  • Establish control over 70% of the world’s surface;
  • Create an international governing institution that would serve as a model for bringing nation states like ours to heel; and
  • Redistribute the planet’s wealth and technology from the developed world to themselves.

Fortunately, even if the senators fail to do their homework, others have not. Dick Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann, have just published an important new book that addresses LOST as a prime example of the title: Screwed! How Foreign Countries are Ripping Off America and Plundering Our Economy – and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It.

In addition to their proven track-record as best-selling authors, Dick Morris’s regular appearances on Fox News ensure that millions who might otherwise be unaware of what is afoot will be on notice and on guard.  That markedly improves the chances that those who might try to slip such an assault on our sovereignty through in the dark of night will be challenged and held accountable.

A documentary by Ami Horowitz is also airing in theaters nationwide this June that exposes the United Nations as a corrupt, self-dealing, inept, and essentially anti-American institution. It is hard to believe that anyone who sees this film will want to entrust any more resources or legitimacy to such an organization or the agendas it pushes.

Under the leadership of freshman Representative John Duncan (Republican-TN) and Rep. Jim Jordan (Republican-OH), who chairs the House Republican Study Committee, the House of Representatives voted last Friday 229-193 to bar millions of dollars the administration had sought to contribute to the funding of LOST organizations.  This is the first time either chamber has formally voted in opposition to this.

Thankfully, Republican opponent to the president, Mitt Romney, is no fan of this accord. According to an October 2007 report, a spokesman declared that “Governor Romney has concerns with the Law of the Sea Treaty.  He believes giving unaccountable international institutions more power is a serious problem.”

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