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Stockpiling 101: How To Make Flour Last Forever

Stockpiling 101: How To Make Flour Last Forever [1]

Most of us have at least one package of flour on our pantry shelf. If you have a stockpile or are considering starting one, you may be wondering: How long does flour stay fresh?

Flour is the powder created by grinding uncooked cereal grains or other roots or seeds. Packages of flour that you purchase in the supermarket generally have a “sell by” or “use by” date, but you may be able to use flour long after those dates. Some of the variables that determine how long flour will last include the type of flour, the container in which it is stored and the environment in which it is stored.

First, here are some general storage tips for flour, no matter what kind it is:

Now let’s consider the type of flour.

All-purpose flour, the biggest seller at the supermarket, can be stored in its original unopened container placed inside a sealed plastic bag on the pantry shelf for 10 to 15 months. Be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place. For longer storage, place the container in the freezer, where it can store indefinitely [2].

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Stockpiling 101: How To Make Flour Last Forever [4]

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Bread flour, made from high protein wheat, should be stored in an airtight container away from heat and moisture. If stored properly, it will last for up to six months in your pantry and indefinitely [2] in the freezer.

Self-rising flour (phosphate flour) can last on the pantry shelf for up to 15 months. If you store it in the freezer, it will last indefinitely.

Instant flour, which is used for gravies, dissolves quickly when it is mixed with water. It will last up to eight months when it is sealed and on the pantry shelf and indefinitely in the freezer.

Cake flour, which can clump when left unopened and untouched and therefore need sifting, can last for two years stored in a dry, cool pantry.

Wheat flour will stay fresh six to eight months in the refrigerator and indefinitely in the freezer.

Nut flours and other alternative flours can last for up to six months in the refrigerator and indefinitely in the freezer.

How to Tell if Flour Is Fresh

Use your eyes and your nose to determine if flour is still usable. Flour that has
“gone bad” will be darker in color that it normally is. White four may appear gray, for instance.

Also, look closely for the presence of bugs in the flour. If you see weevils, moths or larvae, the flour is not usable.

If the color is good and you detect no bugs, it is time to use the smell test. Simply put, spoiled flour will smell bad or even rancid. Discard foul-smelling flour immediately.

Here are some other facts about flour:

How do you extend the life of your flour? Share your tips in the section below: