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The Real Problem with our Education System

There are a multitude of problems that can be attributed to the crippling of our education system, and this article can’t address them all. However, at the forefront right now is the demise of our public schools caused by an overbearing, power-hungry teacher’s union that coddles and protects an underachieving force of overpaid teachers. Of course, not all teachers fall into that category, and there are pockets of schools that do consistently perform well. But, if you were to take one example, such as the Los Angeles Unified School District, with 40,000 teachers, it would not be an overgeneralization to say that this highly compensated workforce has completely failed the children it purports to serve.

The very public battle over the quality of our children’s education continues around the country and it is heartening to see that many parents are taking up the fight.  The problem is that this issue overshadows the more stealthy destruction of our schools taking place from within, an intentional campaign which has been plotted for decades.

It could be argued that this subversion has occurred organically over time as more of the educational system came under the control of liberal educators. Certainly, our left-leaning media has done nothing to support the possibility that there might be any organized effort behind it. Even as our public school text books have been continuously stripped of pro-America perspectives, apologists have chalked it up to the isolated influences of local educators and school boards.  While conservatives are championing local-contral and state’s rights, our opponents are using their influence at the federal level to back-door their agenda.

If anything, this subversion has been subtle and largely unnoticed by most people, which is indicative of how deeply anesthetized the public has become to its invasiveness.

There is mounting evidence and research brought forth by educational experts that indicate a deeper, more sinister plan to transform generations of school children into politically correct apologists with more allegiance to the United Nations than to the United States.

The plan to achieve total control of the hearts and minds of our school children has its roots in the early 1960’s.  The seeds were planted through years of liberal appointments to national and state education agencies which trickled down to the staffing at the school level.  Working from within, the teachers of the 60’s accommodated a general shift by national education leaders to approach education as a collective purpose as opposed to an individual one.  Much of this was accomplished through movements such as ‘civil rights’, which gave revolutionaries cover to advance their agenda while masquerading as something which conservatives feared fighting.

On a national level efforts were being made by federal agencies to incorporate Soviet style education models into the educational structure, which would guide education development based on a collectivist belief system. The U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare published as its own, “Soviet Education Programs: Foundations, Curriculums, Teacher Preparation”, which, essentially, maps out a government controlled education system.

Armed with these principles, the education collectivists began infiltrating the public school systems focusing on the agencies that established curriculum criteria and text book parameters. The staffing of agencies and schools with sympathizers who would shield these overt changes accelerated.

The federal government continued on its path to create a deliberate system of indoctrination by underwriting the development of programs based on behavioral modification. A state sponsored, teacher-driven behavioral modification has no other purpose than to influence beliefs systems and to alter core values.

Over the course of several decades a demoralization of society, that is, the steady erosion of the values and beliefs that binds the fabric of society, has taken place. Now, there are text books that apologize for America, classrooms that ban prayer, and schools that want to alter the pledge of allegiance.

With so many examples of the hardened subversion and indoctrination that has permeated the fabric of our society, it seems almost trite to cite a seemingly silly albeit glaring example of its revelation in the midst of the most left-leaning government in our history. For the first time in memory, public school children are being led in chants and songs praising the President of the United States as if to openly demonstrate the success of collectivist mind control. Is this, finally, the outing of the subversive elements of a state controlled education system?

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