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The Survivalist’s Summer Guide To Deterring Ticks

The Survivalist’s Summer Guide To Deterring Ticks [1]

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If you think ticks are just another outdoor nuisance, no more dangerous than a mosquito, think again.

According to the CDC, approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported annually. It is caused by bacteria spread by the bite of an infected tick, and can lead to rash, fever, aches, and in serious cases, cardiac arrest and death. Although Lyme disease is most commonly associated with ticks, these tiny creatures are also responsible for the spread of more than 10 other diseases, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Even if a tick doesn’t carry disease, its habit of burrowing into the skin can make it difficult to remove, creating an open bite that can become infected. Be practical when moving through brush and woods in summertime, and take precautions to prevent tick bites.

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Chemicals such as DEET and permethrin are effective tick deterrents, but should not be relied upon exclusively. (Of course, many homesteaders and off-gridders prefer not to use chemicals at all.)

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Natural steps to prevent tick bites are a key component in any backwoods survival preparation. Protect yourself with one of these measures before your next foray into the brush, hunting trip, or yard maintenance task, and prevent ticks from becoming widespread on the property where you do most of your work.

The Survivalist’s Summer Guide To Deterring Ticks [4]

Image source: Wikipedia

Keep an Eye Out

Tick-Proof Your Property

Try Natural Deterrents

How do you repel ticks? Share your tips in the section below:


For more on controlling ticks, read this excellent handbook [5] provided by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station or visit the CDC ticks page [6].

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