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Thriving During Your First Year On The Homestead

Thriving During Your First Year On The HomesteadMost people’s first year on the homestead can be summed up in one word: chaos. Making the move into homestead living is often simultaneously exciting and intimidating — even more so if you’ve been accustomed to living in the city or suburbs.

The biggest mistakes new homesteaders make tend to revolve around not having a plan in place for their property. Life in a rural area is more complicated than city life and you’ll likely deal with challenges you’ve never confronted.

Some suggestions mentioned in this post may not apply to your particular circumstance or climate. Other things listed may not interest you (for example, you may not want livestock) but overall, this post will outline, season by season, what to take into consideration for your first year.


Spring is often one of the busiest times of the year for most homesteaders. It marks the beginning of new growth and ideas.

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Though this season is busy in terms of maintenance, it isn’t as packed with many different things to do.

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Thriving during your first year on the homestead


Depending on your climate, fall is the time to harvest your last crops and start preparing for winter. Fall is often a nice reprieve from the heat of summer and is a good time to get out in cool weather to finish up outdoor chores you may have put off during summer.


Winter is one of the most difficult seasons for your first year, especially if you live in an area with cold, snowy winters. Many people will fondly say that your whole year of homesteading is just preparation for winter. While this isn’t entirely true, it does take quite a bit of forethought to ensure your property is ready for the freezing temps and snow.

I recommend reading magazines like Countryside and Backwoods Home as well as reading books, blogs and online articles about homesteading.

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Homesteading is a very individual experience, so doing plenty of research will help you make your first year go by smoothly. Some personal tips from my experience for your first year are:

If you’ve already passed your one-year milestone of country life, please share your experiences and tips for others in the comment section below!

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