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Letters To The Editor

April 26th, 2010

Dear Editor:

When you were discussing the use of a slingshot to protect against a pack of ravenous dogs, it brought a recent event to mind. About seven months ago I felt inspired that my family needed two large dogs to protect it. Listening to the spirit, I went to the humane society and picked up two puppies who looked like they would grow into large dogs. About a month ago that choice paid off. My 13-year-old son was outside late in the evening with the two 8-month-old puppies (Shardas and Gammon) and our small 6-year-old dog (Puff). The adult dog is very protective, but only weighs about 20 lbs.

A huge mountain lion entered our yard. Led by the Puff, Shardas and Gammon assisted in driving the lion off. I know the lion was real and not a figment of an overactive imagination because the lion headed up to the neighbor’s house and killed their three goats. Fish and game came out to the neighbor’s house. They confirmed that it was a mountain lion and arranged for a hunter to come in and take the animal, as it clearly presented a risk to people and domestic animals. When the lion was killed, it was discovered that she was an older lion, losing her teeth, and looking for an easy kill. That is what brought her in near human homes. I am very blessed that my son is alive and I thank God for the inspiration to get the dogs in time that they would be large enough to drive off the cat. (I really wasn’t particularly excited about adding two more dogs to the family)

The point of the story is that dogs can also be a good means of defense. Most dogs will be instinctively protective of its pack, which is what you are to your dog. My dog is a strong and stable leader and you have a built- in family defense. Dogs can be a great deterrent to would-be evil doers; especially if they are backed up by well trained, armed humans.

Kirra L.

Editor: Kirra, thanks for your message. Your story is a great reminder of how well-laid plans can help in unintended ways. Law enforcement officials have long talked of how a criminal fears an aggressive guard dog more than a homeowner with a weapon, but clearly the natural world would rather avoid a defiant dog as well! As the economy worsens, there will be more threats from aggressive criminals, and post-collapse, we could see an explosion in wildlife, so having a few canine friends around sounds like an important part of the self-defense plan.

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