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Letters To The Editor

August 2nd, 2010

Dear Editor,

For thousands of years before the onset of modern firearms, swords had steadily evolved into man’s deadliest of personal defense weapons, and if you’re like me (and have long since built up your firearms readiness plan) take it from me, you’ll never have more fun in your life than you will studying and practicing the use of big blades for self defense. You married guys are on your own, because no woman would have put up with my blade buying binges during the year or so it took me to finally decide I had every every big blade I might need in the worst of times —like when the bullets run out …..

Benjamin M.

Dear Benjamin:

Learning to fight with a sword sounds like lots of fun, but a sword against a gun doesn’t sound like much fun. Perhaps you’ve run out of bullets, but what about the neighbour who stockpiled bullets instead of food? Or for that matter, a guy who has mastered the slingshot instead of the blade? I doubt he’ll run out of little round rocks.

The Editor

Dear Editor,

I live in rural southwest Virginia, close to Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and the mountains of North Carolina. I am familiar with most of these rural, mountainous areas and would like to start a “community” (not a commune, which has such negative connotations) of like-minded “Off the Gridders.” I am thinking of a 20-question preliminary application to assure that we ARE like-minded, and then a personal meeting. I am retired and am willing to travel for meetings. My thinking is to find others who would like to make arrangements for emergency campsites or permanent residency on rural acreage. I need your input as to whether this is feasible (or dangerous) and what you would be willing to do to help in this cause. Going to Belize is not an option for many of us. I lived in Guatemala and have spent time in Costa Rica, but the USA is still my choice. Anyhow, please let me know what you think of my –idea, and thank you for all you do for so many of us. This letter may be answered personally and not published, if you prefer.

Pat in Rural Retreat, VA

Dear Pat: I’ve gotten a lot of emails like yours. The idea of these kinds of communities is appealing except for one really big problem—your first few fellow members will likely be agitators/infiltrators and you’ll soon find yourself in federal prison … or worse. I regret to say that a questionnaire is not likely to disqualify someone whose full time job is fitting in with genuine preppers.

I’m afraid that the prudent way to prepare is discreetly, privately and with a plan to act and associate with like-minded people AFTER the collapse, when everyone (regardless of previous occupation) will be interested in surviving well.

The Editor

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