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Letter To The Editor

Bugging In Is Better Than Bugging Out


To read the story referenced, “Are You Making Any Of These 8 Prepping Mistakes?” click here.

People who are prepared to bug in are better prepared than 99 percent of the populace. Yes, recent events have shown us that may not always be for the “best.” But not everyone can afford to have “caches,” or someplace to “bug out” to. Our “bug out” plan is “vague” as you say, but we also do not live in a major city, or an inner ring suburb. It buys us a little bit of time. We also live paycheck to paycheck (as many do these days) and can’t afford our own BOL. Hence the “vague” bug out plans…but having made friends with like-minded folks, we do have tentative destinations in line.

Also, what good would “bug out” plans have made for the people in Puerto Rico, with the entire island devastated? It’s a bit different for us here in the mainland, at least we have more options. But in the case of a nuclear event, or say the Yellowstone caldera blowing, things which devastate a largish portion of the country, and “bugging out” vs “bugging in” takes on a whole new meaning. Just playing devil’s advocate, as well as illustrating that any level of preparedness is better than none.

Grammy Prepper

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