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Letter To The Editor

Communicating During A Disaster

To read the story referenced, “4 Ways To Communicate During A Disaster,” click here.

Old ham radio gear is widely available at relatively cheap prices. I bought my Kenwood (1980s vintage) for just $250 several years ago, and it still works great! Hams, for decades, have taken an elitist attitude about their hobby over CB’rs, and have taken great care not to allow the ham (Amateur Radio) frequencies to descend into the chaotic, obscene, psychosphere that Citizen’s Band radio has become.

But, regardless, in the event of a national emergency–safety of life–all the regulations will be sidelined in deference to public safety.

Amateur radio has been a wonderful hobby for me, but it isn’t as easy as CB; just turning it on and selecting a channel to talk on. I suggest attending an Amateur Radio meet somewhere, that is held yearly, asking a ton of questions, and shopping at the swap meet they usually have.


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