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Letters To The Editor

December 13th, 2010

Dear Editor,

Firstly, I enjoy your website and it is a valuable resource for information. I go to a number of sites that have petitions to sign about bills that are encroaching on our rights and give government more power. I wish you folks could have petitions like that as well. We must stay in the politician’s faces to let them know who’s in charge. It is just a thought. Keep up the fight!

Hello from Colorado

Hi Colorado!

Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts. I understand your desire to fight the good fight, and we share in it as well. But when the dust settles, we here at Off the Grid News have to step back and look at what we feel is our number one priority. That priority is to provide our readers with the means to survive no matter what happens. When we bring political news, it’s with the thought that here is another situation, bill, or executive order that might be a problem in the future that we need to prepare for. We have struggled with deciding to what extent we report or respond to current events. We don’t purport to be a political website, just as we are not solely a Christian website either. However, all these factors do influence our world view and the content we bring to our readership. It is not an easy line to walk for us here. Most of us are politically and religiously passionate about our views. But again, at the same time, our stated goal is to help others be prepared to survive, no matter what. That is what we feel we must continue to focus on into the future. Thank you for writing and for being a reader of Off the Grid News!

The Editor

Dear Editor,

I was wondering if you had any advice or could put it out there for advice from others about the following quandary.

We have been saving food for over a year now, along with building a wonderful off-the-grid cabin (and it’s even off-GPS! We love it!). However I don’t know what I should do about our saved food. Do we store it at home and hope there’s going to be time to get it all to the cabin? Do we store it all at the cabin and hope we get there if all hell breaks loose? Do we store half of it at both places? (And in that case, will the extreme winter temperatures wreck havoc on the viability of the stored stuff?)

I would be very interested to know how other people have decided this issue. Thank you very much!


Dear Wondering,

You ask some good questions. First of all, you are three light years ahead of many of us, and I applaud your efforts. The hard thing about planning for the unknown is the very fact that it’s…unknown. There are so many variables to consider. Is your off-grid location very far away? Do you go to it often? Do you have a root cellar for food storage to offset your extreme winter temperatures? How do you envision your bug-out scenario going? Is your vehicle gassed up at all times and all you plan on doing is throwing a few things in the car and leaving? Or do you plan on grabbing cases of stored goods and packing the car down before heading out? Me personally, I believe in the philosophy of not putting all my eggs in one basket. I feel that you should split your stores between the two homes so that no matter what happens, you have what you need. Thank you for taking the time to write!

The Editor

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