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Letter To The Editor


More Uses For Woodstoves


To read the story referenced, “14 Reasons Wood Cookstoves Are A Homestead Must-Have,” click here.


I had to laugh about melting butter as I share the same summer problem of how to melt butter when there’s no fire in the woodstove. I also melt chocolate for brownie waffles and fudge and coconut butter for other baking needs. It’s easy and fast.

Another use for my woodstove is drying out my dog’s treats. I make my own version of dog biscuits that bake for 20 minutes and then dry for however many hours it takes to make them “cracker-like.” My dog loves them and I feel good about giving her something that’s healthy (as in, I know exactly what goes in her mouth). I make a batch for her every week. In the summer, without a fire, this is a bit of a challenge.

Bottom line: I love my wood stove. It keeps us warm whether the electricity is working or not. Yay!


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