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Letter To The Editor


More On The Ethics Of Slaughtering Animals


To read the story referenced, “The Ethics Of Slaughtering Animals (And How To Respond To Those Who Oppose It),” click here.


I feel fairly strongly about this issue, but haven’t really had the words to explain it until I read this, so thank you! Ten years ago, I knew the modern American diet was killing me. I knew I had to change. So I moved to the farm and started raising my own food. The thought of going back to exclusively store-bought food makes me cry. I get the pressure of watching my animals, enjoying them, being connected to them, them being connected to me, which makes the food taste so much better. And then they serve their purpose in life: food for another. I feel this so deeply, and I hold this position strongly. I know it’s right. I have had vegans condemn me for my choices, and I have to turn away. I used to be vegan, and I know the nutritional deficiencies that I developed as a result.


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