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Letters To The Editor

January 3rd, 2011

Dear Editor,

Just wanted to pass along an “event” that happened to me recently. I am a cop of long service, currently assigned as a Crime Scene Analyst. (Yes, CSI.)

A few days ago, my boss walked into my office and asked me “Do you want an M-14?” Ok. Sure.

But what’s the catch? No catch, we have them in our arms vault and it was “decided” to issue them to put in our take home cars, “just in case we need them”. What? A semi-quiet, medium-sized city (suddenly) wants to issue its Investigators a military grade, select-fire battle rifle “if we want it”?

Other than being on a major Interstate highway, and within 100 miles of several major cities, three of which were recently listed in the “Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities”, I see no need for such an event, although I gladly took him up on his offer. We are already issued pump 12-gauges and each duty unit has an AR-15 in the car. I’m thinking maybe someone knows something we don’t and they’re just taking precautions.

Ok. For anyone who is watching events, here’s another one for your list. Be safe.

M-14s to Spare

Hi M-14!

Hmmm – interesting! I know folks will think I’m a conspiracy nut, but I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t believe in benign behavior much anymore. If something smells rotten or suspicious, then start looking for the source. Remember, stay meek as lambs but wise as serpents. Never let your guard down and keep your powder dry. Thanks for writing!

The Editor

Dear Editor,

Thanks for your consistently useful info and advice. We’re pretty well set for temporary survival (and
VERY well set for eternal), with one obvious exception. We subscribe to a couple of reputable economic
advisories, but in the midst of mountains of warnings and stock caveats, there’s no advice on whom to
buy from, whom to call, what to say (or not to), or how to go about buying. They all seem to want us to buy further subscriptions or books, which don’t inform us how to buy. We aren’t into bullion on any immediate basis, but want to get a proper amount of coinage with the purity and weight imprinted,
which is far more usable at, say, the grocery store than gold or bars of any sort. Question: HOW + WHOM?

We’re aware of junk silver, but need to be pointed to the right sources for that too. We’d very much appreciate any usable response you might have, and we won’t quote you either; we don’t want to get rich. We just want to get prepared.

Looking for Silver

Dear Looking,

It is hard in today’s world to know who to go to. And while we’re not investment or financial advisors, one program that appears to be on the up and up is Silver Saver. These folks don’t sell silver face per se, but they do offer investment in 1-ounce rounds. With these folks you’re not buying worthless paper with only the promise of silver. You’re buying physical silver that can either be stored or delivered to you. For more on their program, go to As always, however, we advise you to practice due diligence with any company you plan on doing business with and check them out thoroughly.

The Editor

If you would like to contact the editor, please send an email to [email protected].

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