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Letters To The Editor

July 11th, 2010

Dear Editor,

We have a mortgage on our property and if things go really bad I would like to have a place to go among like minded people. Do you know of small communities of people to become associated with, or a place near water where one would be allowed to camp out for extended time if necessary? This is my primary concern at this time because if things really go bad, we would not be able to continue paying our mortgage. Even if one owns property outright, there is still the property tax issue which during bad times, could go sky high.

I would not know where to go in a nightmare scenario like this. I would like to consider my church family, but my church is nearly an hour from me in a large city setting, and I tend to be one of the few who think about things like this. any thoughts for me? Thank you so very much for your consideration.


Dear Robert:

Your concern is shared by many.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to prepare for these unknown times.  For example, if we enter a period of hyperinflation, debtors will benefit because you’ll be paying back your mortgage with inflated dollars.  Of course, that doesn’t help you much if you don’t have a job or other source of income.  You’re right also to point out that desperate municipalities could hike property taxes sky high.

Unfortunately, most preppers and survivalists are (prudently) trying to prepare in a very discreet manner, but in general the more rural you are the more likely you are to find other likeminded peoples, in the South and in the West were traditional values and independence-minded people tend to gather.

It is in these rural settings that you’re most likely to also find large areas of land and people who are willing to accommodate newcomers in a time of crisis.  The conventional wisdom is that population centers will be the worst areas to be in, with concentrations of so many unprepared people and the criminals who are preying on them.  Of course when complete collapse comes, there are likely to be a lot fewer people around, and if the government has collapsed or is otherwise unable to control the population there will be little obstacle to squatting on abandoned rural life and beginning a new life.

I wish I had a better answer for you, but short of buying up land in the rural countryside or entering into a partnership to do so, the options are not great.

Dear Editor,

I find your news letter interesting, but very lacking in substance. It would be most informative if you could have articles on how to build your own solar panels, and where to get the parts to do so. Also cost per wattage so we can compare do-it-yourself to turn key set up. I am interested in complete independence from any utility, growing and storing my own food. If you could point me in a helpful direction, any help would be appreciated.

Mark K.

Dear Mark: Thanks for your feedback. We work hard to produce a great deal of content each week on survival topics and related areas of interest. All of the topics you have mentioned-including alternative energy, growing and storing food have been covered, or are dealt with in greater detail in products we offer. Please visit our site and search for the relevant keywords.

If you would like to mail the editor, please email [email protected] , or login to the online site to view the archives.

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