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Letters To The Editor

July 18th, 2010


Why do you have to taint an otherwise good newsletter by adding a “liberal quote of the week” at the end of each newsletter? How is being a good prepper a conservative or liberal thing? It seems like you’re going out of your way to pick a fight with anyone who doesn’t share the same political views as you. You imply that you are Christians, yet you practice derision and ridicule. A true Christian would want to help anyone see the need to prepare. There is nothing political about being better prepared for any worst case scenario.


Dear Brian:

Yours is the second email along these lines I’ve received in as many weeks so I thought I would respond. We include the liberal quotes both to add some humor to our newsletter during these difficult times and also to point out, from a very practical point, how the very different worldviews influence how we interpret the signs warning of the present crisis. I imagine few would disagree that a mainstay of the liberal movement is Global Warming, whereas Christian Patriots tend to see this as nothing but a fraud perpetuated to increase government control over populations. These two widely divergent worldviews are hardly compatible and demonstrate how events may lead one group of people to prepare for the worst and another to advocate even harder for the very movement which threatens our future.

On the other hand, we do want to help anyone see the need to prepare, which is why we provide this newsletter free of charge to anyone who asks for it, even left-wing extremists! So I guess you could consider us ‘Big Tent Preppers’. I hope you’ll continue to read and share your suggestions.


Dear Editor,

I found both Don R’s letter to you and your reply back interesting. I’m a licensed minister and a Biblical Counselor in Texas. I also at one time took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies … you know the drill.

For some time now I’ve had a terrible uneasiness about me. The Bible tells me that Christ is in control of everything that is going on in our world. I know that if I lay everything at His feet He will provide everything my family needs. I try at all times to live at peace in a spiraling-out-of-control world and show His love to others. He extended His hand of grace to me and I try to do the same for others.

However ….

I took an oath. I made a solemn promise. And that promise didn’t end twenty years ago, it has actually gotten stronger and more meaningful to me as I have gotten older. Children and now grandchildren have entered the picture, and it sickens and disgusts me to see what has become of our Country. Moral decay is one thing, Constitutional decay is another thing all together. Freedom gives Americans the right to be as immoral as they choose, I suppose, within legal limits. There is little I can do except preach God’s values to others to try and get them to change their behavior. But when I see a government practicing tyranny on a daily basis, what else am I to do? This is not a fight I want or cherish. I’m almost 50 now. My body is breaking down. Frankly, I have better things to do. I’d like to cherish the years I have left with my wife of 30 years and my kids and grand kids. This is not how I expected to spend the latter years of my life.

But I made a promise. I took an oath. So help me God, I intend to keep it.

Carl H.

Dear Carl: Thanks for writing. We received a lot of email in response to this exchange, and I wish space would allow me to publish them. However, what we believe this really boils down to is where your priorities are. Do you believe you have a greater obligation to your government than to God? Or even to the Constitution-a document written by mortal men-more than to God? Do you owe your government more than you owe your family?

If you believe you owe your government more than you owe your God or your family, we don’t have the common ground from which to begin preparing for the crisis the future may bring. I suspect that even our liberal readers would eventually conclude that their right to live is more important than blindly supporting the government in whatever direction it takes us.

I hope and pray that each reader will put God first in all things, and the safety and welfare of their family and loved ones second.

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