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Letters To The Editor

July 26th, 2010

Dear Editor,

With the looming possibility of President Obama’s Cap and Trade legislation being passed and utility rates necessarily skyrocketing as a result (by his own admission), it is imperative now more then ever that people find alternative energy solutions.

I look around me and I see all this sunshine hitting our yards and homes, the streets and cities, all free power from our Heavenly Father not being used. Every square foot of sunshine hitting somewhere is potential electricity going to waste. I just spent four days on the Oregon coast for the 4th of July holiday. Although the weather was perfect, a steady wind blew constantly. Someone living over there would have FREE ELECTRICITY FOR LIFE with just a simple windmill set up in their yard. They wouldn’t even need to worry about solar.

When the Lord has provided everything we need to live an abundant life—intelligence, capability and resources—why oh why do we not take more advantage of it? Why not move now, and live somewhere where you KNOW you would be safe were the government to collapse one day? Why not move and live somewhere now where you KNOW you can easily access the energy resources the Lord has blessed us with? The parable of the ten virgins in the Bible comes to mind. Five were prepared when the bridegroom came, and five were not. Those that were not prepared were left out in the cold when the moment of truth arrived. I pray we all might exercise an ounce of wisdom and prepare while we still have time.

Rob W.

Dear Rob:

Rob, not everyone has access to the abundant wind you describe, but for those who do we think it’s a great idea!

The Editor

Dear Editor,

In a recent newsletter you wrote, “For example, if we enter a period of hyperinflation, debtors will benefit because you’ll be paying back your mortgage with inflated dollars. ”

This would only be true if you had a job and if your income rose at the same rate. This just will not happen. The hyperinflation will be in food and other significant hard items, government services, taxes, etc., while jobs become scarcer so income will decrease for the average family. Things that are not critical where we have been taken to the cleaners (i.e. cell phone service, TV, cable, or any “do not have to have/nice to have” items, etc.) will probably decrease or remain level. After all, these systems are already in place and only need upkeep to survive. There will be some deflation in goods that are overstocked and becoming less necessary. Look what has happened to the price of computers.


Dear Herb: Herb, thanks for pointing out my imprecision. Although in an inflationary environment a debtor does benefit by paying back a mortgage with inflated dollars, you are right to point out that inflation will drive up the cost of many (or all) goods and services, while wages are unlikely to adjust in a timely manner. Of course, those on a fixed income or without an income source will be hurt even more.

The Editor

Dear Editor,

I have just stumbled onto your site after what has been a paradigm-altering week of discovery. You see, our eyes have just recently been opened to what is going on and the implication for ordinary Americans. We are still quite punch drunk and possibly a little paranoid. Understandably, I hope. I will cut to the chase here: How am I to know that you are truly who you say you are and not a government agency trying to register anti-government wackos?

A new wacko

Dear  “new wacko”,

I hate to break this to you, but we have a policy against wacko readers.  Sorry! 🙂

The Editor

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