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Letters To The Editor

June 21st, 2010

Dear Editor,

I have just read the plight of the Australians, and I find it troubling to say the least. What went on in his country more than likely won’t happen in our country. One reason is our Constitution. I don’t know if Australia has a Constitution but I do know is that, WE HAVE !

Expressly written into it is the 2nd Amendment. Our forefathers were quite smart to have instilled it into our laws. It is quite clear as to the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. It is not for people who like to hunt or go target practicing. No, far from it. It is to protect US from a tyrannical government who might want to try and take us over.

It is estimated in California alone amongst gun owners that 60,000 own AR-15s. That is just an estimae, mind you. That is also just one state, not counting the handguns or shotguns. It would be an almost impossible task for our government if they would want to oppress us, to overcome such an insurmountable force.

I feel for the Australian people, but I must say they brought this on themselves and, as brave as they fought in WWll, they sure have dropped the ball in this one. Without the means to protect yourself, you give up the right to live with dignity and integrity and as men and women. I do know time is short. When it does go down here, “if it does,” preparedness is the ONLY thing we as a free nation might be missing.

It is imperative that the people unite when the time arises, otherwise we could suffer losses that are unacceptable to us. I still have hope for us and this November will prove it. This will be our last best chance at returning this nation we now call the United States of America to a time of what once was. President Obama said he was going to fundamentally change the United States of America. Well, I say let’s go BACK to the fundamentals that made her great. Go back to a time of integrity, dignity, and a self worth of being a man and woman.

I apologize, Mr. Editor, for such a lengthy letter, but with reservations. Folks need to be informed and information is our best weapon against the progressive movement that now plagues this country. I do know that GOD has a plan for everything, and circumstances and situations will transpire as HE has planned no matter what man does. I just pray that this November, HE will give us some more time to change and go back to what once was. II Chronicles 7:14-21 says it all. It is what is happening here now. Is there still time? We’ll find out, arms by our side, or in our hands. Thank you for taking the time out to read my letter, sir. May your site receive GOD’s blessing and may GOD send His Son soon for us, for time is short.

Joseph S.

Editor reply: Joseph, while you are accurate about the 2nd Amendment, our constitutional rights are being abridged by the government at an alarming rate, and the protections our Founding Fathers envisioned (armed citizens among them) are increasingly irrelevant in an age where no single citizen stands a chance even against the local police (where military training and weapons are now commonplace). If you take up arms against the government, the only thing you should expect is death. While each man must follow his own conscience, our focus is on living quiet, free, discrete lives away from the trouble. While that may not be possible indefinitely, it is what we are praying and preparing for.

Dear Editor,

If you people really had a concern for the country and its people, you would not be offering these publications for sale. You would have the much-needed information on your news letter.

A section of each book in each newsletter.

Again, MONEY is the only God you understand.

Frank S.

Editor replies: Frank, we always appreciate feedback from readers. OffTheGridNews is a free publication and thus, we are dependent upon advertising. All of our writers must be paid and even eBooks require thousands of dollars to research, write and produce. In the past we have provided a great deal of content free of charge, and we hope to be able to continue to do that in the future, where appropriate.

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